Knowledge business canvas concerns about intellectual consumers

today and we explore the two part:

what is the knowledge economy;

two plays a role in the process of knowledge commercialization.

first introduces several basic concepts:

1) knowledge to achieve the four platforms;

Himalaya, know almost, on the line, the logical thinking.

2) knowledge economy four large coffee.

The concept of

is 9 carbon society proposed by Feng Xin. Wu Xiaobo Wu Xiaobo channel, Li Shanyou chaos yanxishe, fan fan Deng Deng and Luo Zhenyu reading logic thinking.

the concept of knowledge economy includes:

The realization of


content of entrepreneurship;

business knowledge;

economic knowledge sharing;


Three problems of

Internet knowledge economy

1) knowledge can not be realized directly?

Luo thinking of knowledge products, in December, the column product sales exceeded one hundred million. Li Xiang in December on the internal business more than eighty thousand copies; Li Xiaolai had earlier access to the wealth of The Freedom Trail in one hundred thousand copies; five minutes Liu Run business school had fifty thousand copies; fifty million is a day in December 3rd Himalaya FM income. So the knowledge directly realized, money can be realized.

2) what is the knowledge product?

because each do knowledge products are not the same, so this topic is difficult to say.

get sold is the synchronous subscription column;

Himalaya is selling audio;

LIVE is known since its publication and broadcast lectures;

socket Institute for the course.

does not do the same.

there is a characteristic of the Internet, if one thing we feel feasible, there will be countless companies to do the same thing. Currently in the direction of knowledge products, we have not found a unified direction. Users are willing to pay?.

3) in the future will not form a large Internet knowledge company


the entire Internet industry, BAT includes drops, Ctrip, the U.S. mission comments, these companies do very large. But the companies that sell knowledge have not done much. In fact, this matter itself has a lot of questions.


Google is a typical knowledge company, it can through the search, bringing together the world of knowledge and information;

another kind of knowledge company is to do the complete sharing system >

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