A5 marketing on the old site 301 redirect to the new site after stacking weight


on the 301 redirect topic is actually a very old topic, many webmaster will do the 301 redirection, write too much you look quite annoying, but today we don’t talk about technical topics, just talk about the old site overlay is redirected to the new site can do weight, so this the topic today does not belong to the old topic. Until the owners asked me a weight I buy very good website, and then to be above the weight and ranking are redirected to my own website, let buy website weight and my website weight stack, such as buy website weight is 5, my own website weight is 1. I want to make heavy directional weighted overlay becomes 6.

is a chicken duck is a web site, two site types is certainly not the same as do not transfer the weight and redirect the superposition of many webmaster want to do one weight, on the one hand the love of Shanghai is not allowed to do so, obviously this is not possible.

two, the same two sites, 301 redirection can stack weights is not

one or two is not the same site, 301 redirection can stack weights is not

first for the two different sites. A website is chicken website, a website is duck sites, two sites are not the same type of poultry, but that is not the same type of poultry, a chicken is a duck. Website weight chicken is 5 while the duck site is 2, I think the website weight transfer to the chicken duck on the site, and weighted overlay to 7, from a certain angle, want to do the webmaster want to perfect the weight transfer and superposition.


two currently 301 redirect is the most common: 1, will be the main domain redirection without www two domain names, the purpose is to weight to focus on a domain. 2, the website by setting the 301 jump, can reduce the site because of the loss of the revised flow brings. Of course, now love Shanghai has a very user-friendly webmaster tools, in order to better control the 301 redirect, love Shanghai webmaster tools already have a website revision tool. For this benefit, many owners have been fully utilized, including Jingdong, A5 Trading Forum mall. On the contrary, many webmaster want to through this way to increase the weight of their own website, want to use 301 redirect the old weight station and railway station, transfer and superposition weight. Then, the author wants to solve this problem and the webmaster exchange.




said the site again under the same two. The same two sites are chicken website, the chicken website is divided into A, B website, website weight A is 4 B, the website weight is 2, now want to make A website redirects to the B website, let =AB +B A website weight weight site combination is >

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