Google product search service free policy adjustment to pay businesses

will also be on the move from the Google shopping site search results to appear in the main search engine Google on the impact. For example, Google made this change before, when a user searches for the word "camera", five people bearing the highest camera from the shopping page will appear in the following search results link; and changes in the future, these links will appear in the main search at the top of the page, and related products. Will become larger, which means that the network traffic of Google shopping site is likely to soar.

Google ranked the top Internet search engine, but in the shopping search times on the one hand, Google’s performance is far less than eBay and amazon. According to market research firm comScore released data show that in April this year, U.S. Internet users use Google shopping search site for about 80 million searches, eBay and Amazon and search times were about 900 million times and 335 million times.

, vice president of Google Samir · Samat (Sameer Samat) said in a statement: "Google shopping will allow businesses of all sizes can compete effectively, and will help shoppers quickly put their purchase intention into action."

spokesman declined to comment on the Amazon, eBay spokesman Robert · Chatwani (Robert Chatwani) said in a statement, the company is already in the Google shopping site for display advertising pay, and plans to fully participate in the "new Google shopping service, and continue to represent the sellers and businesses use the valley"

helps retailers through the sale of Google products and promotion company Mercent CEO Eric · Best (Eric Best) said, "Google’s move represents Google has undergone a fundamental change in how to participate in the electronic commerce market issues". According to Best estimates, Google currently has about $800 million a year in revenue from the "products" advertising, these ads with the search results appear in the Google shopping site. He predicted that Google announced on Thursday made this change this fall to complete the market in the United States, and this number will increase to $1 billion.


Best refused to make comment on estimation.

from now on, online retailers will have to bid to shopping at Google (a baby Shopping) to display their products on the website. At present, online retailers can show free products, only need to provide specific data about the product to Google; then, Google will according to the degree of popularity and price criteria to rank these products.

A spokesman for Google Although

Beijing on June 1st news, Google will use its free product search service to service charges, the move aims to further use the Internet search engine to raise revenue.

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