From the tip of the tongue on the grass root taste website promotion

as a personal webmaster of us, we must have some very creative ideas. The key is how to put these ideas into their own website.

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early this morning to open love Shanghai I saw a news: Lin graduated students "grass root" on the tip of the restaurant business is booming. Into read again, really surprised. Just graduated from several young man has a set, the trend of young people chasing mentality, especially a variety of network hot words is the most incisive. In fact, they sell dishes and usually not what is different, but the "packaging". Now the shop is very famous, very good business. Because of the media, network free promotion to them, for individual webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er, what can we learn from this "marketing case"


every day we are shouting "to improve the website user experience", but this sentence is very empty, the theory is too strong. What should I do? Different users to your site for different purposes, how to meet the needs of users? I think different industries are not the same, in addition to the design and function on the site as much as possible please users outside. The most important is how to grasp the consumer psychology, and then look at the grass root on the tongue is how to do. The store is one of the highlights, including two of the most popular keywords of the Internet, on the tip of the tongue Chinese and grass root is now known to everybody. Young people are more concerned about online love fire information. Then the name closely linked to the theme, "don’t cry, the European cup full live, you know," "gaoshuai rich column", "grass root zone", "Bian Sao beef, cucumber, and Sauteed Green Beans". These are combined with the network popular words, finally "refuse drainage oil" appears to be a kind of humor, but also for the sake of customers (the shop without drainage oil).

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they are senior, but they are not busy looking for work; they can’t cook, but dare to open a restaurant; when other restaurants began boarding, their restaurant has been closed, because all the dishes have been sold out. The cooking by a group of students will not open the name "grass root" on the tip of a small restaurant, opened in three days on the net on the yuan.

grasp the psychology of the masses is the

is only a facade shop there are dozens of square meters large, "grass root" on the tip of the tongue on the sign with the name of red in a mix of Japanese writing, hangs below the red banners with ridicule language reads "don’t cry, the European cup full live, you know". Store the TV is playing football, hanging on the wall "refuse drainage oil" poster. The restaurant in front of the big whiteboard crooked filled with a variety of dishes, these dishes are different in different areas, "Gao Shuai rich column", "grass root zone", and "the goddess will point" and so on, and these names are strange and eccentric, such as beef, cucumber, Bian Sao Fu Chun, Sauteed Green Beans busy etc..

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