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network is known how to make? Earned five digit possible? How to make their sites become synonymous with the Internet?… though as this problem, each of US internet people often consider these, then how can we from the Internet to Amoy gold? Rely on shlf1314 ads, sh419 alliance or other, my answer is: are you going to do e-commerce.

two, select domain name to increase the weight of the network to earn money to read sh419, shlf1314, should pay attention to search engines. Whether it is personal website website in the early stage of development from sh419 shlf1314 that basically is useless, in the Internet industry, "sh419" has almost become synonymous with the Internet, the website to make someone must see, it may generate profits, pupils are aware of sh419, but your name again to remember others may not be to remember, so the choice of sh419 love domain is represent the general trend. "The better the domain name, the more easily recorded by sh419 search, the better the domain name, the easier it is to do SEO," this sentence needs to be verified. The emergence of the Internet "dump" of the new term after 2007, because a lot of people a lot of acquisition, resulting in a search because of repeated information from large flood, 07 years after sh419 shlf1314 began to inventory "dump", 07 years before the domain name is the default for the good domain name, this is also in line with common sense. Then, we should choose 07 years ago to stand old domain names, so that we can have a good ranking in sh419, with the rankings, there will be profits.

2006 soon passed, always busy busy East West, today I write something and brothers together to discuss how to do a free movie website, which is mostly personal for the free movie website together with ideas and experience. A lot of brothers ask me, is there anything else I can do for free cinema? In my attitude, of course, there’s a lot to do. Although there are so many movie websites, few of them do well. Not to worry about the film copyright question, in China, in order to do a good job of network copyright, at least ten to twenty years, so there is the idea of the brothers on it!


, a clear purpose, to establish direction, technology can not make money, marketing themselves and the line, relying on shlf1314, sh419 advertising money has become the enthusiasm of many webmasters. Whether shlf1314 or sh419 lady master rely on advertising to make you always ideal number of cattle stationmaster of a lot are aware of this point, a simple example, we all know that weight stand put shlf1314 sh419 advertising, advertising not only, and a single click on the price a lot, but this always will reach a bottleneck, the annual income of more than five digits of the poor, careful Adsense will find a lot of cow weight stations began selling slimming products, this is a very good case to electronic business transformation, slimming products profit not that we all know, a lot more than shlf1314 sh419 advertising revenue. Therefore, it is recommended, whether old webmaster or new webmaster, should consider the idea of making money, in clear thinking, market research and then do the station, so as to achieve a definite object. Agent products to do e-commerce or physical shops are good choice. Network giant’s success, we might as well think about it, if there is no risk investment, there are several can be boarded this throne, do ordinary people, do ordinary things, earn more money than ordinary people. Go your own way, or listen to others,

three, the website is small do, specialize in doing fine, "the Internet has developed to the era of the team", Cai Wensheng said at the Internet Conference, "the Internet has come to an end by individuals."". There are many webmaster, especially the new webmaster just started >

2, there is a personal service, the construction of the movie station: first of all, there is a preliminary preparation, that is, the preparation service, bandwidth and film program. The server in the awfullest is hard, it may not be careless, I have several free film brothers at first station is the large capacity of the IDE hard disk, is cheap, not long after the hard disk is read bad results, lost a lot of movie resources, then come to me a snivel Lisu actually I want to put some resources to him, you know that I don’t say so, good hearted to save hard money, do video server with at least SATA of hard disk, here I advocate the use of 4 250G SATA RAID5, so that regardless of space and the speed of reading is enough. You can buy SCSI hard disks if you’re rich, but 1T has tens of thousands of them. You don’t recommend it for a movie site you’ve just started. The bandwidth is the best use of 100M exclusive, let’s count a account, 100M 10M is the exclusive practice flow up to 10M, there are 8 9M well, a movie at least read 50~70KB users per second so you can watch the circulation, most of the 100M bandwidth can support about 170 people together to watch. Are you using 10M alone or 100M share, can support a few people together to watch online? I have several brothers work in the network company, they use the server to save the company, server and bandwidth.


the movie station I put it into two categories, one is the pure hotlinking movie station, it is necessary to ensure that there is a lot of useful daily movie link two is updated; watch service supply in movie server personal website, this website needs higher skill content of capital investment in particular, bandwidth, large flow bandwidth will become a bottleneck after website development. 1, pure hotlinking movie station construction: this kind of website to say nothing, simply do not need to do what technical content, is also very simple, go to rent a virtual host to DOWN a movie program can open, advantage is no input so the threshold is very low, wind is the film cohesion failure quickly, daily needs to spend a lot of effort to update the movie, don’t try to update a few days, you will see the station for the remainder of the


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