D web advertising by millions of layoffs was traced under pressure

in fact, from 2010 on-line, cotton advertising action has never stopped. It is understood that in August last year put cotton over one million yuan of online advertising in sina. In its cooperation with the Focus Media to start large-scale building advertising, the marketing promotion mode full force online and offline.

business strategy is to fight the winter period of entrepreneurship B2C? After being exposed employee layoffs storm personal clothing B2C D web transferred again yesterday to cut 4 employees. According to informed sources, because advertising is too large, cotton has owed millions of dollars of advertising, only an advertising agent is owed millions of dollars. Analysts said that the current electricity supplier that layoffs were not fresh, the appropriate control input can avoid the tension in the capital enterprise "can’t do anything".

DCCI analyst Hong Yuan said that the business enterprise in the period of tight money if only layoffs to reduce spending, rather than trying to open source, such enterprises are likely to do subtraction. For arrears B2C website, the ability to obtain income is a pressing matter of the moment to develop their own low cost. Business depends on advertising, fight fight traffic bring extensive sales strategy to spend too much money, but did not really develop their own "internal strength", once the advertising resources are insufficient, there is no source of income, this is the biggest problem.

staff said the upstream supply pressure, D advertisers also said it has owed hundreds of Yuan advertising not knot. A and D Cooperative Advertising Agency Mr. Zhang (a pseudonym) said, "they saw the news of layoffs in fear, do not know advertising can owe to come back".

reporter learned from Mr. Zhang, only one of its advertising has reached millions of dollars, he said, "I estimate that the D owed payment of at least 7 million yuan". According to the staff said, D web part of the partner yesterday to the cotton company debt collection, the company has "a mess". In this regard, cotton net declined to comment.

In addition to

for layoffs, D cotton net CEO Lin Wei said the company recently has personnel adjustment, is currently active in. At the same time, he also said the layoffs will continue for some time, but he refused to disclose the specific reasons for layoffs, but said the company "to do the right thing". According to the staff from said, "because the cotton facing upstream suppliers pressure, layoffs to reduce operating costs".

reporter learned yesterday, has laid off 6 people including COO, D web again personnel downsizing, lay off 4 employees, including 2 technical personnel, marketing personnel 1, 1 administrative staff. Such as cotton prior to the announcement of the staff size calculation, currently has a staff of 50 people.

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