A real estate website of the experience

, a selection of key words, page classification deployment.

four, the content of the page.

ZhengZhan optimization the hardest thing is the construction of the chain. I used the set 1-2 automatic update column in all pages, such as news list. The list is usually automatically controlled by the program and calculation, do not need to manually update, so every page has a new website at all levels, the crawler way, the weight naturally increased. Early may effect is not too obvious, but with more data, the weight of ascension will be more and more.

Optimization of

through the above steps, the sale of second-hand housing information based Changchun website has a foreign promotion foundation. The rest of the work is to continue to do outside the chain, PR, contact Links work etc.. The above is a little younger brother experience to share, hoping to get you the sincere advice. Finally, I’m in charge of the Changchun second-hand housing website www.longchencn贵族宝贝 to do some publicity, do not want to remove when reproduced, thank you.

for the selection and deployment of keywords, is one of the key works of Shanghai Longfeng optimization work. To do this part of the work, we must fully understand the products and services provided by the website. According to the Shanghai love index to order, index, on the home page, then channel page, column page, page list, gradual deployment, not wrong.

three, two pages two level domain name.

for the content page and how to do the optimization? I was in such a process, add a few item in the edit background: title, description and keywords. This treatment is to let the content page to appear ranking in the search, to obtain the weight and click. Many webmaster know these, but the editor if the execution is not enough, but the poor. So, I made the training of editing, editing and so in the end is embedded in the URL of the website and keywords and links. When the content page is love Shanghai included, but also become a part of the website chain, this is the younger brother to detail a little skill.

for the normal website, two pages must do two level domain name, this weight will be high. In the optimization process, I noticed some folder URL, ranking is not stable, and increased rapidly, and this is the form of the folder Not the least trace was found., ills: weight instability. So, I want to do is to do 2 pages two dns.

two, the new planning program, improve all levels of the page automatically update rate.

recently I received a Changchun second-hand housing website optimization work, this is a business platform, but do it with a small industry portal like, how to take over, have a headache, then in the group and several Shanghai chiefs took the dragon, is there. I would say that real estate websites do ZhengZhan optimization.

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