Analysis of how to do business station of Shanghai Longfeng data

data comparison and exclusion

data classification and statistics

The first step of

enterprise station related to all walks of life, so we’d better get these sites are classified, such as: all machinery industry enterprise data together, it is easy to compare an industry data of Shanghai dragon. Love can be analyzed Shanghai algorithm specific effects of a particular industry, of course, such data can be discerned. Love Shanghai algorithm with certain types, too many to count, an industry has a gap. Can every month of the year of the Shanghai statistical data as compared with dragon and Phoenix, last month, the role of the chain and a few months before the chain effect, of course, the quality and quantity of the chain resources are different.

we need to collect business station included, outside the chain, the snapshot data, if a Shanghai Longfeng company has 100 customer sites at present, so many websites need to do Shanghai Longfeng monitoring, observation of the change, every data such as: which station is K, which stands up to rank and so on, of course, manual it is unrealistic to check, will waste a lot of time. So we must have a tool or software to support the Shanghai dragon, before I also tried to use the domain data acquisition, locomotive website site data, snapshot data, personal feeling good effect. Now love Shanghai also launched its own station chain query tool, we need to do is to collect and collate the data, but need to develop some programs or software to assist, the collected data can generate charts, in order to analysis, this is not what complex programs.

The third step:

country level teacher is everything from the data of scientific controlled Shanghai dragon, I think this concept has influenced a lot of Shanghai Longfeng friends, the author is one of them, but when it comes to the actual situation, we seldom go to the analysis of a large number of Shanghai dragon data, such as the optimization of the enterprise stand, you may be the feel and experience to do a keyword optimization, to assess how long it can on the first page, but this situation will let many people have confidence in their own Shanghai dragon, after all, rely on their own "feeling" is not reliable, although not large enterprises station site, but it is not easy to do keyword ranking. Because of the industry is very much, one is content is enough big head, did 1-2 Shanghai Longfeng colleagues, ever feel or do not grasp the method and process of Shanghai dragon. So anyway, want to talk about the enterprise how to do well in Shanghai Longfeng analysis data, can be summed up in three steps.

Shanghai dragon theory

if you have a lot of data on the hand, then how to analysis? The most commonly used method is compared, but the contrast is the premise of other factors which are the same, for example: we want to compare the August K station is because the content or other factors, it seems more difficult, because the site is a lot of K why have the server problem, the use of black.

: data collection and sorting

The second step:

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