90% traffic from search engines or why garbage station

(this map above website traffic statistics from

Shanghai love map)

(a figure as a case of the site traffic statistics

guess three: just say no matter to optimize the layout, is this station optimization level is really worth learning, 90% of the traffic from the search also is not easy, but from cluttered pictures, articles, publishing more have to say, you completely ignore the visitor, ignore your parents, because the visitor is you are the most direct Yisifumu, no traffic, popularity is not likely to result in advertising alliance. So whether Shanghai Dragon technology are cattle, website stay sub trusted users it is no use. So we must firmly master time >

love Shanghai "garbage site, garbage station were divided into 2 kinds one is the user that the garbage station, one is the industry believes that the garbage station, of course I am engaged in the Internet for 3 years on the garbage station view there was no potential, the main factors can not be sustained profitability, and to determine the. I have to talk about "90% traffic from search engines today, why are we garbage station" from the aspects of analysis, hoping to be friends of the station some inspiration.


can be seen from the two images above ninety percent site traffic from search engines, daily IP: in 12000 PV:18000 bounce rate: 80% user access time: 1.3 people from these data can be summed up in 90%, why traffic from search, can IP:PV the proportion of 1:2 is not, we do know whether the entertainment industry station, station PV:IP also determines the quality of your web pages, so low that the PV user can be described as open closed, so I went from three aspects of the site analysis.

I guess: the content is not the thing that the user needs, the data obtained from the analysis of the above picture, the user access time IP PV completely proportional. Imagine a search engine from a search result, then open the site, the user is not found I find things, it will immediately close the page, so we in the website localization content must meet the needs of users, allowing visitors to find the valuable contents of our website will last for a long time.

guess two: website too many advertisements, the author through subtle data, site type, search, found the website advertising popups advertising 3, enter the website will pop a click, the content will pop up a window, a halfway, and click, rich media ads, this website is so low the user experience, how can keep users? Many webmaster especially flow station will want to, I will be a little more advertising revenue more, anyway, is to make a little a little business, in fact, this idea is after you will not make good, but will not be a good site, has been wandering in the peasant ideology of the rubbish site, please remember this


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