ndividuals and small and medium sized enterprises do not profitable for promotion

?Analysis of ?

2. on the busy and leisure time


two, then how do we analyze the malicious click time with

1. specific points to the

?What time do the

, from the analysis of several aspects of which peer click time

4. in what is busy

analysis: this busy time we can update the time from peer website content and check the chain release time to view their website is very easy to see that they are usually updated content and the release of the chain in what period of time.

5. what time leisurely

we have to do for promotion only point must be guaranteed is never allowed to work more than the proceeds of the situation. For individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises, every click are hard-earned money to love Shanghai for promotion, can really control the best promotion time for people are few, of course, bid for 24 hours a day in the open we said is vulnerable. You may be very concerned about the customer clicks at the peak of the bidding promotion, but often ignore the peer malicious click on the peak, presumably this is personal and small business to do one of the reasons for promotion is not profitable.

1. to work on the weekend and singleThen the author analyzes the

Analysis of

3. is a single or double Hugh

avoid all competitors so malicious >


basic work time peers are 8:30~9:30 point of time, this time we are very easy to know, they can simply view some of the company’s recruitment information or advice of their customer service can be. But here we should pay attention to the work of the industry under different time is not the same, we have to analyze specific issues.

? ?

of course there are more worthy of our in-depth study of the problem, if you want less malicious click on the invalid. A careful analysis will find that in fact our peers are basically have some similarities, which I am engaged in industry, our company is Shanghai bidding software development and sales of love, this can be said to be more sensitive to malicious click industry. These sales bidding love Shanghai software peer companies are basically hire some workers and staff of the Shanghai Phoenix auction. We all know that the Shanghai dragon every day to work for the first time is the basic search to observe their website keywords related words website ranking, if our competitors found several bidding promotion link words in front, do you think they will not click on


analysis of leisure time: we can use a small QQ with their QQ, they can view the state space update, is easy to see that the leisurely time of their.

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