A small entrepreneurs the tragic history of trains many technology heavyweights but still distrib

hunting cloud note: in the highly competitive Internet opportunity transient in the industry, a lot of people to seize the opportunity to blockbuster, but more is frustrated. The following is a reflection of the married beat CEO Chen Xiaofeng, previously served as a business review from Baidu responsible person has had "little brother", and now has become the backbone of many companies, in addition to the opportunity to repeatedly missed after leaving the Baidu windmill net. Today, he founded the wedding pat Network is still in the initial stage, won $3 million pre-A angel investment, he also distributed leaflets on the street, for the company’s development efforts.

The following is the full text of


when I was 35 years old, I was the boss urged list, standing in front of the Fuchengmen subway station leaflets, my life fell to the bottom. How can I get to this point?

after graduation, I worked as a senior manager of Baidu, presided over the network of people in the windmill tourism projects, led the development of 360 search engines. I took the men have become the major Internet Co chiefs, company’s total valuation of more than 10 billion dollars, and I myself was reduced to distribute leaflets in the subway life, why would this be? The past in my heart.

those I took a taxi drops CTO Zhang Bo

Zhang Bo, I got into Baidu. Zhang Bo has a strong technical level, a lot of energy and can sing. In his interview evaluation form, I gave a full score of 5 points.

Zhang Bo joined shortly after, I was fooled by the development of Baidu Japan, if not the final dissolution of Baidu Japan, he will join my Baidu Japan technology team.

I left Baidu after Zhang Boxian, after leaving Baidu, we had a meal together. I said: "Zhang Bo, I do windmill project in Renren, after a period of time I will certainly do their own. I learned a lot in the windmill, ready to start a business." Zhang Bo cast envious eyes. I said: Zhang Bo, you are also ready to start it, you are the material of entrepreneurship, Baidu tied up the level of your wings. 3 months later, Zhang Bo left Baidu, gorgeous turn.

two years later, a taxi drops completed C round of financing, valuation of $4 billion, I entered a travel agency.


Curve Wrecker Ao Lu Jun

a weekend, I work overtime in the Baidu building. I have doubled in 2008 Baidu refused interview candidates, one by one, one by one, so I found Ao Lu (called brother Lu).

is PHP great God, the great God Dota brother. A month’s time, he alone to complete the development of Baidu Japanese library, no bug on-line. A month, he became the captain of the Dota team, led the pink sister team won the Baidu Dota championship.

2012 he followed me to do the windmill project, before and after we >

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