Careful use of automatic chain station

A few days to see a lot of the

know Shanghai dragon, how much of the chain directly affect the site’s ranking and PR. Is a hard, monotonous repetition, will be dull as ditch water, seal or IP administrator account. But the simple forum top post, signature, friends of the chain, so the hair of the chain has been in the past. We all understand this truth: you one day of the painting, flower >

automatically increase the result of the chain

website produced by this type of query is a typical spam links, one is "no substance, content correlation is low; the two is to generate a large number of the chain period, the general query site, the data generated after a period of time to clear, the chain has gone with them, the number of the chain caused by instability.

automatically increase

The principle of

there are many, you search for "automatic increase chain" and "automatic chain", is actually a principle.

automatic chain


spam links

The chain

bin Shanghai dragon by searching for "automatic chain tools" and "automatic chain" and other words to the blog, to see the "free automatic chain tools". The article is written by Nian Bin last year, when there is a little effect of this tool, automatic chain brush for half an hour every day, the chain will indeed rise, especially in Shanghai new dragon. But now the effect can be ignored, the search engine more and more intelligent, the so-called free chain tools out of the brush "chain", the basic search engines will not be counted in the chain. If the number of garbage outside the chain like is too large, it will be to reduce engine punishment, web site, if your PR is low, will lead to drop right, K station.

reduce weight ranking

baby ranked "aristocratic analysis" which is in decline with automatic bin outside the chain tool lesson. Included drop, keyword ranking fell, I did not know is the tool to check again, to the friends of the chain, robots.txt, spider crawling records, there is no problem. Just think of the automatic increase outside the chain of tools. Delete the software, write a few article to contribute, and set the chain page back slowly.

chain method Do

automation propaganda – Lu Songsong, SemThinking, Tuiyou network

read the text, if you still insist on using, not what. I’ll give you recommend some automatic chain website for you to test in the.

after a user query to a website PR value, Alexa rankings, nobility baby search engines and other information, the website will put these tools query records to the database, and leave the check link to the site, so it is equal to their website the chain.

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