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is from Shanghai dragon has been working for more than two years, usually in the work process in addition to learn professional knowledge, master professional skills at the same time we also need to formulate the work plan of the master, the goal of the project management knowledge. Today I will come to share with PDCA circulation in daily work, we hope to help. By using in daily work, greatly enhance the efficiency of my work, so I have a clear understanding of the target program, also made me understand how to deal with the work of Shanghai dragon. If you are a Shanghai Phoenix webmaster, if you understand and apply the PDCA mode, then your ability to manage a project will have a greatly improved, if one has just joined the Shanghai dragon industry Shanghai Longfeng rookie, if you understand and apply the PDCA circulation mode, so you can easily become Shanghai dragon Master.


second, do D, which is executed. D is the do (do, perform) the first letter. Plans to perform without any value. Make project plan, according to a plan execution, a good grasp of the monitoring points, earnestly implement the. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel in the course of the implementation plan, is too arbitrary, not in accordance with the plan to carry out, this is actually Shanghai dragon fatal work. Not in accordance with the implementation of the plan, then it means that there is no good work experience sharing, later work to project a good guide will not.

first, making a good plan is P. P plan is the first letter (plan). In Shanghai Longfeng work plan is very important, especially in the project, the plan is more important. Plan how to do? According to the project analysis to do. The plan is not a slogan, in Shanghai Longfeng work is not empty, but according to the real data analysis in the comprehensive plan. The work plan is the premise of the work has no plans to do a project, it is prohibitively difficult.

you may ask, what is PDCA? How to use PDCA at work? You can learn through the love of Shanghai encyclopedia to some of the more official explanation: PDCA is also called Dai Minghuan, was put forward by American quality management expert Dr. Deming, it mainly includes four parts: performance plan, performance diagnosis with the improvement of performance assessment and interviews, performance counseling. PDCA is a comprehensive quality management should follow scientific procedures, is the process of comprehensive quality management activities, which is also a process to develop and organize the implementation of the quality plan, this process is in accordance with the PDCA cycle, non-stop cycle operation. For our work, can be a simple survey into the following four parts: planning, implementation plan, inspection and evaluation, to solve the problem of improvement plan. Next we need to grasp the key is how to use the PDCA cycle? It is how to improve our work efficiency, improve our project management capability can be

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