Love Shanghai included delete reason exploration

The site and

solution: this solution is only to increase the relevance of the article, you can’t say a computer repair shop to sell fruit.

solution: this phenomenon of independent blog webmaster of the submission of the many people for having heard it many times, the article was crazy reproduced, their website article has not been included. If the article with the chain case, there are certain advantages to transfer the weights of the website, after all, there are so many votes. Love Shanghai, noble baby is not a fool, even if not included is temporary, sooner or later will put out. In addition if not with the chain is not to say, the result will be miserable, the fruits of their hands to others the gong.

two of the website, there is no relationship between

three, articles appeared repeatedly reproduced, reproduced in many Webmaster Station’s post, his blog is not included, this let many webmaster extremely depressed, afraid that his love for Shanghai is not original.

four, website article appeared in a number of articles or quality is not reliable in the search engine. You are not the original article other people have written a similar article, Shanghai Dragon technology are similar, often appear stiffly worded their own original articles, before you like old online;

solution: the title, the best in the search engines to check there is no too similar, technical articles as more modifiers, readers not only looked comfortable, search engines will only keep the preference; the higher quality, not just the title of the party for traffic, no value; website article reprint of others is not to say, you know…

solution: the love of Shanghai for the new station is definitely there, this time as long as adhere to the original and the chain increases, go to the webmaster website submission to increase the high quality chain, about half the time the article will be issued, and the ranking will be good.

source: 520 * * network marketing, please keep the original address: www.520sem贵族宝贝/post/106.html

love Shanghai included the article shortly after and to delete the article, this time is not fixed, may be a few minutes or a few days. Then repeat this phenomenon very puzzling. The problem that most of the webmaster met, some time ago _ abuse sigh. Little Bo has such a problem has not come and share with the novice, here a brief analysis and summary, the hope can help to you. Study on the Internet and wandering between friends long time that love Shanghai and included the deleted article mainly has the following several reasons and solutions:

, a web site is new sites or in the study period, many of the old station will happen

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