A wizard of Shanghai Longfeng students grow real experience

Oh! Blame yourself too naughty. And I am playing students, some choose to go home by the father, some casually looking for a job, the name of "the first growth of social experience". Anyway, they all have their own next plan. I was still very confused. Home? Guilty and ashamed, think of these years parents live frugally, he was ashamed. Just find a job to do? Not willingly, do not feel in front of friends and family, classmates began to lift.

at that time I was so scared, do not know how to develop their own future. I began to escape, not to think about the employment of things, immersed in the network game all day. Of course, just get empty. When a boring around Post Bar school, I saw an article to support the employment of College students. The article links me into the devil’s Shanghai dragon marketing planning and training institutions, see the agency has a "Wizard of Shanghai Longfeng class employment support", wrote "as long as the students at the end of the study, who get Shanghai Longfeng training institutions certificate 100% packs of employment, wage employment in more than 2000 yuan." I also have some disease TouYi did not want anything else, it is directed at the "100% jobs" took part in the Eleventh Shanghai dragon wizard mechanism "Wizard of Shanghai Longfeng class employment support".

after 3 weeks of training I learned not only in Shanghai and Shanghai Dragon Dragon technology marketing, also successfully got the devil’s Shanghai dragon training institutions certificate approved by the teachers. When the teacher to arrange me to do network editor at the Jiangxi daily newspaper, the basic monthly salary is 2000 yuan. But after my careful thinking, I decided to give up the superior work, continue to follow the teacher learning. Because I experience the teacher’s charm, and the devil’s Shanghai dragon marketing planning training institutions can.

in September, this special month represents the arrival of the new semester. Look at a group of a group of freshmen, my mind not back to the year February. 09 years when I entered the University, now has graduated more than 3 months, think about the time off really fast. The students when February started looking for a job, of course, the employment troubles also followed. Campus recruitment in my resume is no less investment, but received a reply is scanty. Condition, good treatment, not me, conditions, poor treatment, I don’t want to go. Seeing a group of students go to work I was envious and anxious.

this is the first time I have class in the DIO coffee shop business and leisure center, I never thought that the class can be so relaxed and comfortable, without restraint. I was scared because Shanghai never had contact with the dragon, in the study of thinking and hard not to go to school. Did not think of the teacher’s teaching methods are so strange, under the guidance of teachers in me and the other 4 students will gradually open thinking, we not only make their thinking are open to maximize the discussion and exchange, but also learned the other students thinking mode.

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