Analysis of the weekend fell in love with the sea after the update site outside the chain to reduce

this morning I as in the past to open their own operation, found that several websites without any change, or solid love Shanghai home, the article has several stations included increased, but the author has puzzled several web sites outside the chain is clear color number is greatly reduced, which makes the author speechless, for reasons reduce the site outside the chain, the author also makes a detailed analysis about the summary today with this article as experience, good gossip short continued to enter today’s theme, analysis of the weekend fell in love with the sea after the update site outside the chain to reduce the reason.

first, BBS signature of the chain is the chain to reduce the performance of the most prominent channels. With the continuous change of love Shanghai algorithm, some time ago, BBS signature chain just to be loved in Shanghai to reduce weight, but the site in order to attract spiders, or can do some signature of the chain, but this week I found myself in a few webmaster forum signature chain, when the observation included or last week the next day, but today I continue to observe that the last week’s signature chain almost There is not much left., thinking about this question, I think, now love Shanghai has in the chain operation against artificially, similar to the BBS signature, the historical stage of the construction of the chain chain will bring human behavior blog etc. active gradually fade out. So, the author carefully thought through the BBS signature of the chain in the future will reduce investment, so as not to meet the love of Shanghai included the low efficiency of the embarrassing situation.

The site of several

second, you should pay attention to the quality of information classification. The construction of the chain chain construction of another channel is classified information platform, mainly is publishing product information, information about the products we all know, nothing less than the product features, product features, application range and so on. The author is almost before the release of the widely scattered network, find some similar Ganji, 58 city, more than one, these Yideng classification information platform website directly copy their product information, this week I found classified information platform for the construction of the chain outside the chain and included rate and quality directly linked to the article content, some of the often copy operation articles almost all were not included, some duplicate content after the love Shanghai big update, many before the chain in the article has been deleted what love Shanghai, this shows that the author thinks that whether stand inside the article quality and the chain address where the quality has to improve to meet love for the Shanghai quality assessment standards, the next time I want to do is get rid of these direct copy and paste the article published, gradually strengthen the original or False original article in the classification of information platform release rate, classified information platform in order to get Gao Quanzhong as everyone knows, a site outside the chain, one can increase the release of the product widely, the weight of borrowing third party platform, improve the articles published in Shanghai love rankings, so as to realize the transformation of quality customer orientation. This is the sign of surface classification information platform for many articles by love Shanghai removed, regardless of any platform to be included in the friendly love Shanghai, have published articles on.

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