Discussion on some problems easily lead to the decline of the site later

Shanghai dragon industry friends are most afraid of what? The site included less, low quality of the chain, snapshot update slow, overnight site is down right, a few days before the site was K, are most afraid of is not! Customers like ghost death urge us, one, two, three… Ten customers around us around, think of terror! So, we the bitter Shanghai Longfeng workers in peacetime work should pay attention to the details of what to avoid ranking unstable? Wang Shifan that share a few of their collections and the summary, hope you do not laugh.

site into the maintenance period, the best to keep a check for 1 weeks. Diligent friend, the best half weeks to check a. Also, enterprise station chain control in 40, then the screening work, meet good is eliminated the poor.

exchange the right chain for the enterprise is not an easy thing. If we have to exchange links, because usually not rational management, gradually being abandoned. A long time, due to the weight of the website management chain, will lead to drop off website ranking speed

third, timing backup site and view the web site log, security is more important than the website ranking.


"absolutely not personal, team, small company

second space, just pick the "expensive", not cheap.


don’t underestimate this sentence, etc. in order to want to jump off a building space, think this sentence is not too much. Wang Shifan not underestimate small company, but too many small companies are not normal, afraid of being cheated. If you need space, you can choose a big brand space business, if you really want to save money, you can buy space in Taobao, but should pay attention to the space business must support at any time according to the proportion of the refund, 7 days for a full refund, landline phone service. Taobao has some space business commitment 7 days are not satisfied with a full refund, but only after 7 days is not a refund. Sometimes the problem space, need to call them, if they are only mobile phone, they will ignore us. The space is not stable, the biggest problem will make our web site keywords ranking fluctuations, which raises many of our work burden, I believe we will not love Wang Shifan because less spend ten yuan add too much trouble for yourself.

why write this? Because Wang Shifan really fall in space, and fell heavily somersault and stink, so I have enough experience, telling everyone about the space of optional methods and skills.

as our primary network workers, timing backup site is the site safety work the most simple, the most worry. Wang Shifan recommended friends half a month backup time, so it will not lose too much. Website timing backup, one can avoid the website was hacked; on the other hand can avoid too much garbage, loss of data.


first, friends of the chain to take care of it as "wife".

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