Will the red Prisma be the next abandoned phenomenonHow to use PP points to earn a thousand dollars

I received all kinds of advertising information on

was originally used to lure the movie station! Haha

we guide point below the original is to download and install

lady-killer are certainly good to miss this without paying customers the opportunity. What a pity. Porn is not to see the ~

has no decent regular station, is the most troublesome, because there is a decent station, want to make money is really difficult. Then you have to rely on speculation to make our first pot of gold. As long as we rely on speculation we make the first pot of gold, then slowly development, looking for a suitable for their own long-term development direction, the sustainable development of the regular profit site. Cut the crap.

tell us how to use the PP little promotion GG money today!!!! Why choose PP little? Because there were mostly for porn. We must use these lady-killer to create value for us.

Prisma is not very good from the function of the tool product. It just satisfies your "retouching" function, so there aren’t many software like that. But the amazing place is Prisma, can in ten seconds to modern art a piece of ordinary photos into different styles, from the beast Pailaoer Du Fei still lifes to modernist master Picasso’s cubism.


Abstract: Prisma must consider the next step because it is likely to be the next phenomenon to be abandoned.

these two products, the former with the aid of AR, and the latter with the aid of AI technology, the same shock is that its fire to the "heinous" degree. It is said that even Russian Prime Minister Medvedev is using Prisma to repair the map.

, the technology behind it, seems to have some "cow force."". When users upload photos, the Prisma system will "integrated artificial neural network neural networks and artificial intelligence technology, access to the famous painting master and the main school of art style, and photos on your smart style". That is to say, the final effect of each filter is to imitate the style of the great artist of the past few decades, to analyze and analyze your pictures by AI

another "night explosion red" phenomenon grade products


pictures processed by Prisma

we know that money is the need to have traffic, no traffic can make money? The answer is yes, it can, which is on the speculation! We usually have to be any opportunity to us careful observation, encounter a variety of advertising to think more about why this guy will be advertising, especially in the chat room, games, and sh419 and GG promotion. Multi point inside advertising. Study on their profit model. This is a big development, if you run a day to earn tens of thousands is not impossible!

on the Pokemon GO you may have seen enough information, what is Prisma? Prisma is an entrepreneurial team developed by the Russian figure APP in June this year, the product just on the line, released just 4 days later became the new favorite of young people, on Russia, Ukraine and other 10 countries App Store first, more than 1 million 600 thousand downloads within two weeks.

has a joke said: half the world’s people are using Pokemon GO to catch Pikachu play, the other half of the people with Prisma in retouching.

Prisma with its unique artistic effect to conquer the more than 40 countries worldwide users, daily active users up to 1 million 500 thousand, which not only frequently in Facebook, Twitter scraper, even instagram with "Prisma" label pictures have 920 thousand copies – these gorgeous data is only produced in the iOS version of the product only the case.

of course, Android users will soon be able to join the P graphics competition, because in July 25th, Prisma finally launched the Android system. Predictably, the number of users will continue to skyrocket.

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