Novice to do Taobao passengers need to pay attention to several aspectsRely on advertising to make m

many webmaster may still rely on advertising earnings. Website to attract traffic, and then sell advertising, the threshold is not high, many webmasters use free CMS software, to collect or collect some of the content, put advertising code, it is finished. It’s not a big problem trying to make a cigarette. If you want to live on this and even want to grow, it will be difficult. You’re only a hobby, and that’s a good choice.

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I have left behind the interest is not very strong, because the date can also see, but can only be a reader, sometimes to a few words not to say, really.

traffic can come in many places, you can become advertisers, you can promote in reality, but the search engine is still the cheapest traffic, do not spend money.

The original

this is what I wrote in the blog article, feel Yiziyizi code, perhaps many of them are known, but how many people really do, you still do a dumpster day get a few W traffic, make a few knives are satisfied with the

3. choose the product and find the right person. Guest selected product is very important, you choose the products in considering the Commission level also have to look at the seller’s credit degree is high, sales of large, high praise rate, it is easy to let the consumer trust, and facilitate the transaction. Choose what products to find what crowd to promote, to achieve precise positioning. Generally choose products based on: women love beauty, men love cool, children love smart, old people love health this principle to choose. Choose your familiar products, promotion is the best.

New York Times has a lot of wonderful content, and so many users. These websites have their own unique place that can attract huge amounts of cheap traffic.

novice do Taobao passengers, or do not worry, to understand what is Taobao customers, learn the basics, less detours, making money sooner or later.

has a car website offering free auto dealer prices. This information is usually confidential, and very few people will let you know for free because it will make the dealer lose money. The stationmaster paid for the information and placed it on his website free of charge. As a result, car enthusiasts saw his website as a reliable source of information, increasing traffic. Advertising revenue comes with it.


4., do not regard Taobao guest link as naked advertisement to send, think of the advertisement that other people sends to you, you can be what mood, disgusted, not affirmative. You should also pay attention to techniques, write a short article about the use of the product you want to promote, and then integrate into the product link and release it so that others won’t take a look at it and then close it. There are so many ways to recommend products, think of yourself,

is now Taobao customers can be said is the fire, many grassroots Adsense by Taobao customers to earn a pot of gold, can not help but many novice to say very reasonable, not all Taobao – to earn money, There are plenty of people who did not make money, even a few months is zero income. Before you do this, you first have to figure out and pay attention to the following aspects:

5. site guest first learn the website operation, website optimization expertise, you do not understand how these basic words can do a Taobao customer, and talk about how to make money.

1. is to do the wedding dress for taobao, Amoy earned is 1.5% – 50% Taobao sellers pay commission. Ali also has to deduct 10% of the service charge from your income. You only let the user enter the store or merchandise page from your guest links through the Alipay transaction and payment, you will have a successful trading commission.

is unique, can attract a large number of cheap traffic.


, if you are new webmaster, hope to give you some enlightenment, in the beginning walk well… Sincere

we all know, but the habit, the status quo.

second are directional and attract highly accurate commercial value traffic.


since most of the owners still choose to make money advertising, I here code word about advertising profit station development methods.

theme, the more entertaining it is, the lower the advertising price. Not only shlf1314, Adsense, such as PPC bidding, including direct transactions with advertisers. If your website traffic is a special hobby, please

below is the text:

, what’s your site’s profit,

2. Taobao customers not to build a blog or website to send several products on it can make money, your blog or website nobody here how the transaction, must go to promote your blog or website, you can exchange group, space can also be used to advertise, anyway, try to let others come to visit your blog or website.


Do you have a The wider the

if you’re an old station owner, I’d say that you can get more than that.

like shlf1314, sh419, has become the majority of people access the Internet, and now almost become a web site for Internet users, but also give you the most important way to bring traffic to the site.

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