As entrepreneurs often have to come to you chat how do you do

Abstract: a really good entrepreneurial projects, with the data of the talk, when you are doing well, the data do good, there will be Everfount VC take the initiative to come to invest in you, do not need to spend time "often go out to chat". Therefore, entrepreneurs spend their time on business, more important than anything else.


today I read an article "Lei Jun Lei Jun: I was not saying" there is a week, there are different kinds of people to find Lei Jun "chat", such as ZF officials, students and business partners, because he cannot pull down the face, don’t say no, so very tired every day.

as an entrepreneur, I have deep feelings, entrepreneurs, the most afraid of is that someone said on WeChat, next Monday you in the company I want to chat with you or a friend want to know you". You will find that 80% of the "chat", is of little value, the average reception of a visitor, you will spend an hour of time.

this hour, you should have used to meet with the team, or to polish the details of the product above. Since the start of the business, I rarely sleep before 12, an entrepreneur, a few hours a day can be wasted?

China is a human society, many of you want to "chat", often you are old friends, and some also have helped you, there are some of your classmates and old colleagues, we fought together, it cannot neglect. "Play big" this thing in China’s human arena is very taboo.

more than this, is the harassment of various VC. I received an average of more than 5 weekly VC message, I am XX capital, I would like to ask you to finance it recently? I would like to visit you." This does not mean that your business is good or do they really want to invest in you, most VC just take you as a free market research tools, they may just want to know about your industry, and through extensive interviews you such entrepreneurial companies quickly understand the market situation.

I didn’t mean to offend you do VC friends, in fact VC industry has a lot of excellent talents, in the process of chatting with many excellent VC investors, I learned a lot of things, also can understand the market situation. Just at this point, the VC industry investors to choose good dragons and fishes jumbled together, "chat" cost is very high.

general, VC wanted to "chat", can ask what he used to cast a project, if he can immediately say a large number of its own cast of the NB project, or on your industry very understand, it is worth seeing him "chat", if he could not what cast out of their own projects, the level of no, don’t waste too much time on him.

a really good entrepreneurial projects, is to speak with the data, when you do a good job of the product, the data do well, will

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