WEB game promotion strategy of Wangzhuan incomeA simple web page to decrypt the monthly income of mi

so simple, English, a download 1 U. S. dollars, this everyone knows. The key is, where does English flow come from?

1: converting your own traffic into game traffic.

2, the advertising language, I’ve done a lot of work. I clicked on a high rate, 12% of an ad is described like this.

can start to your WEB game to start the wangzhuan. Note: my comments below are for reference only.

Adwords has actually been on this kind of word Picasa is limited, if you have Picasa in advertising language, but not through the examination machine, Picasa2, picasa3 on the right, and because of this limitation, when I first do no competition, so there are only three or four cents per click. Two or three clicks bring $1, so it’s a good deal. 500 yuan a day, back a few hundred dollars. I put in 2000 yuan a day and returned $945. In the past two years, every time I receive a check, my advertisement is more vigorous next month.


a web page with little traffic, $4000 a month. This web page is super simple. It’s made with shlf1314’s free home page. Of course, I’ve done several more to show you one of them: picasa2.download.shlf1314pages

, Picasa3, is, NEW, NEW, NEW,

Picasa3 Downloads – Free


shlf1314 fifty yuan to open an account, not even money can Adwords advertising, how to do? Adwords online to find coupons for the address, and then apply for, I applied last year very much, also very much buy coupons. I have no more than 10 accounts for my Adwords account.

Adwords wants to put in a good, advertising must work hard, otherwise the price down, advertising click rate is not high. Advertising efforts, you need to consider 1, matching 2, advertising attractive degree of 3, the price of

4: other

if you particularly like a major. Some professional theme often removed from the group. You can also and group cooperation. I’m sure he won’t extrapolate the money. Is it? He’s not a station master and he doesn’t know what the game is like. So

3: group cooperation

has been busy these days and has been tweaking the server. No time to write second, forget everyone forgive me.

wrote the first article and many friends added me. Just ask me. WEB game is a game of Wangzhuan rent? In fact, not the case. The important thing is to make money. Of course, no investment pays off. That’s obviously not possible. Even if it is website. You also need to buy space, buy domain names, buy programs. So down, at least to spend two hundred or three hundred yuan AD:, buy space can find me. Professional LINXU servers let PHP fly up, but what if it’s a small investment and a higher return? What does it matter,

in order to attract attention, I used to use three NEW FREE, at the same time, order! With suggestive Downloads it now! So people want to see, click rate will be higher.

2: local forum cooperation

, when I was at the stationmaster’s meeting last April, I spoke openly on the platform

there are many ways. Maybe the other party is not standing

now, if you mess with a game, if not, ask for me. I give you a free WEB game demo: www.qunxia.net, :712684030., but does not provide upgrades, does not provide BUG patch, does not provide functional changes, but also prompted me to rent. In fact, selling a service and upgrading.

that’s how much experience you’ve gained. What’s the relationship between the station and the webmaster? That’s why some webmaster always ask me why I can’t improve my station. Why do I have to pay to buy weights?. These big stationmaster just also a very precious wealth. I found a local hot local forum here. They sign a partnership to allow their traffic to be converted into game traffic. And provide your own technology and services in fact, if you buy the rental. The technology and services here are also provided by us. The profit earned is 55 cents. In fact, you can see that your local forum webmaster, often is that in hindsight the kind of network. But they tend to disturb certain resources and backgrounds. You can try to work with them.


, Downloads, it, now,

, this is the practice of the old webmaster. One of the more successful is our cooperation with three blood, is now the number per minute online for more than 1000, the monthly income of 20 thousand. How to bring their own traffic to the game, the specific way because of the different types of websites, you can have a variety of. Website announcement, own group. Own forums, etc. Specific ways are not expressed here. Bi Ding, everyone is an old webmaster.


shlf1314 Yahoo advertising to buy English traffic

1, I used the shlf1314 free home page, the domain name is chosen directly to include the keyword domain name, so the match degree is very high.

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