WeChat could not build social differences which have the opportunity to unfamiliar streetDing Xiuho

NetEase portal business unit executives, entrepreneurial enthusiasm continues.

for social strangers is eternal, people born, people around are all strangers, and now the acquaintance is not the beginning of acquaintances are evolved from strangers. This model of unfamiliar street meet the desire and social mentality. It is also WeChat can not do this, only the achievements of the unfamiliar street.

Cheng Lingfeng has a article about the WeChat crisis, "WeChat’s weakness from Facebook out". FB is old, because the original private social circle became less intimate, leading users to other applications. At present, WeChat is getting heavier, a lot of non intervention acquaintance circle of friends, so the original private space become more and more intimate. This is likely to be in a crisis in the future of WeChat. The following is a social model of WeChat.

in March this year, the NetEase announced the portal division president Li Yong resigned, and the appointment of Li Li NetEase portal National Sales Manager, Zhao Ying editor of NetEase as vice president of the company, jointly responsible for the portal business.

is building a social model of such differences, also lead to differences in the level of product design. The following talk about the uncertainty of art, product design to discuss the level difference between WeChat and unfamiliar street.

, the social construction of differential

technology news June 13th morning news, according to sources, the NetEase deputy editor Ding Xiuhong Hong Xiuding has recently submitted an application to leave, ready to join the Internet mobile phone based entrepreneur identity battle group. Ding Xiuhong yesterday to accept Sina Technology connection to be confirmed this, but did not disclose the future development planning and financing.

yesterday March 17th, unfamiliar street added a new feature "burn after reading, can the person or group to send burn after reading pictures, while adding video and film, in addition to send personal information in music, books and other functions. The Mo Mo revision made me think, why WeChat is not unfamiliar street so much? The two difference where? The difference to other social APP leave what living space? Here is thinking.

social and stranger is human nature, is the user wants, WeChat can not control the future, a circle of friends is more and more serious, more and more full of strangers. So the opportunity lies in this unfamiliar street, unfamiliar street from the beginning from the stranger social cut, is a WeChat coincided with the reverse process. The following is a social model of unfamiliar street.

The driving force of


yesterday to accept Sina Technology connection, Ding Xiuhong to be confirmed on the news, and said that many aspects of their business will be related to the software and hardware of the intelligent mobile phone etc.. However, Ding Xiuhong said that the current business is still at a very early stage, the future development planning and financing related aspects, are not disclosed.


two, the uncertainty of the art products, driving force.


Ding Xiuhong served as financial center director, general manager, Southern China sales center Asian marketing general manager in NetEase. To join the NetEase before Ding Xiuhong served as the "twenty-first Century economic report" senior financial journalist, IT, director.

NetEase deputy editor Ding Xiuhong


Zhang Xiaolong on the core will be interesting in the first row, interesting > > function; > interaction; UI. While WeChat in the early occupation of the user does.


coincidentally, NetEase is currently considering the introduction of intelligent mobile phone. Under the impetus of the Ding Lei NetEase, involved in this field is just a matter of time. At present, including sh419 micro-blog, Tencent, Alibaba micro-blog, several Internet Co Shanda, 360, millet, have different degree to launch their own Internet mobile phone products.

, according to informed sources, the NetEase deputy editor Ding Xiuhong has recently officially submitted the application for leave, ready to join the mobile Internet entrepreneurs identity upsurge. More let the outside world by surprise, entrepreneurial direction Ding Xiuhong selected, is currently all Internet Co have been involved in the war, gradually upgrade slobber field of intelligent mobile phone.

another coincidence is that in recent years, many NetEase continue to leave the deputy chief editor of many choices in the mobile Internet business. For example, last year has left Zhang Rui and Tang Yan, the former launch spring pocket doctor, the latter is the founder of unfamiliar street. In addition, 2010 resignation of another deputy editor in chief of the business side of salmon, the project is snowball finance.

now we see a trend, WeChat will inevitably appear more and more full of strangers and rare, rare, these people from peers, from a party, etc.. The chain unfamiliar street, we will see more and more rare and acquaintances, these rare and acquaintances is a mail list from the introduction, the other is by the social transformation and LBS. However, WeChat is still occupied and unfamiliar street acquaintances, strangers is still dominant.

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