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many of the mini KTV brand into the market strategy and sharing bike exactly the same, investors are also holding the "better throw wrong, can not let go" principle, for the injection of funds.

Another fatal flaw in

announced on February, sing million yuan Mini KTV Mi Da Minik operating company Amy technology investment line, second days announce their friends sing Fang Youbao online to get investment 60 million yuan capital increase, in January 2016, the friends sing won Youbao group of hundreds of million yuan Angel round of financing. And in May 26th of this year, friends of Shenzhen Bao Technology Co., Ltd. Coase intends to 120 million yuan acquisition of Xiamen Frontier Technology Development Co., Ltd., that is, "friends sing."".

Abstract: Prime Minister Internet plus ", Internet plus traditional Entrepreneurship Based on like a raging fire that is good, although the trend, but there was a time last year due to excessive pursuit of entrepreneurs and capital, and even appeared Demons and monsters danced like mad.. The Internet can seem everything + everything, such as massage and nail painting. It seems that as long as you get the next one at home, there’s nothing that can’t be done by house service.

standard service to reduce the marginal cost, e bags wash is not a human by O2O service, laundry service core is completed by washing machine, only to pick up the clothes and artificial needs, and this kind of artificial Manicure, does not need skills such as massage, which provides endless possibilities for the expansion of the. Use machine + common manual mode >


shared economic fire burning more intensely, not only the network about cars, bicycles, charging treasure market is the wave swept one by one, mini KTV as a subversive gesture, to join this movement.

a spectacular burn, grab a war started here, the market’s total plate is also growing.

burn grab battle

since then, friends sing Mi Da enclosure war officially kicked off at the same time, some other small brands have not been idle.

grows hard in tearing each other

this year, mini KTV is a big heat, outside the small pavilion long queues are common, financing news emerge in an endless stream.

Internet has a strong core capacity, that is, it can greatly reduce the marginal cost. But many of our "Internet plus" O2O service does not solve the fundamental problem of marginal cost. For example, the car wash, one hour ahead of schedule, the car driver driving a tricycle, with water and equipment to wash the car, you might as well foot accelerator, or on the way to go after the wash. It is said that even if the amount of a single large, the cost is 30-50 yuan, driving to wash, but less than this price. Even if you subsidize, but also make up to what time?. Come home car wash, this has long ago, analysts told me that this matter is very much, did not fundamentally solve the problem of marginal costs through large-scale, so it is doomed to failure. There are friends and line car wash shop together, from the drainage line store owners to wash the car, the business was rash and too much in haste.

insiders said, for the similar and positioning of the mini KTV doll machine, in the mall "point" is very important, a good machine monthly income of several million yuan, the point difference may be only a few thousand dollars.


"Internet plus" the development of the market and the original group purchase is like, entrepreneurs and capital like a swarm of bees rushed in, finally able to survive, in fact, just a few. At the outset, many people are optimistic about the field, and now calm, there seems to be a lot of shortcomings.

‘s Mini KTV market has long been filled with smoke.

‘s partial O2O service is that it is difficult to standardize services, especially services that require purely manual completion. Remember to call home service before the aunt, 2 hours, even a hood has not finished half, determined to let aunt leave. Later the undead heart and called once, but met a deft aunt, the house is very clean. The same platform called aunt, the final service effect gap is very large. Accidentally called the service is bad, and even poor attitude, which will allow users to cause permanent damage to the platform. Service is difficult to standardize, not only users will be lost, but also the marginal cost is difficult to reduce one of the reasons.

April this year, >

AI media consulting data show that in 2017 Chinese line Mini KTV market size is expected to reach 3 billion 180 million yuan, an increase of 92.7% compared to 2016 2018; the line Mini KTV market will continue to grow to 7 billion 10 million yuan, a growth rate of 120.4%, the market will achieve a large outbreak.

Mini KTV is not a new thing, from the beginning of 2015, first-tier cities in shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas and other places, began to appear on a glass pavilion can accommodate two or three people, which is all very familiar at the screen, a microphone and headset, WeChat, Alipay and other mobile payment support and coin payment. Through the glass pavilion, always can see the selfless young people in singing, ignoring the crowd around.

from the marginal cost, standard service and consumption frequency, in addition to the comparison of the fire and taxi takeaway, and laundry are also consistent with the standards, and the characteristics of the laundry industry is the price is relatively high, with sufficient margin space. As far as I know, there are giants cut into, but the best domestic laundry O2O service company is e bag wash, and that e bag wash what emboldened with the giants a spell of high and low,

in addition to the two game player and friends sing sing head first into the Bureau, to click miniK, Kemei sing, Lei Shi Wow house, love to sing lovesing more than 10 Mini KTV brand group began to emerge.

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