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three, Wangzhuan success must have a psychological fear

A lot of Wangzhuan method of

since the website put webmaster statistics code on the Internet, many webmaster every hour or half hour, or even more than ten minutes to open the web site traffic statistics, look at your website and add a few IP traffic. Staring at the statistics for a long time, not at what, to see a good few a day. Hang the shlf1314 Advertising on the Internet every day to see the shlf1314 account is not increased for a few dollars. IP flow, every day in the forum every day. In order to use malicious hang back several hair, a bit, jizhewen rebate back didn’t calculate. 24 hours a day, how much time do you waste these things! Why not the time to build a website, the website to learn more SEO technology. To increase efforts to promote it. This is a

public information, since 2017 four months, there have been Guang’an Aizhong 600979.SH announced the acquisition of shares 836102.OC, burning Beijing Jun 300223.SZ acquisition Superpix 833220.OC and other acquisitions announced aborted. In addition, Leroy culture 833564.OC due to the shareholders of the company on the docking of A stock market conditions and have different ideas of "active termination of the acquisition of listed companies.

The success of your

online presentation now, many people are skeptical of these methods, this attitude led to a lot of people can not start to Wangzhuan, although some Wangzhuan methods article may have some mistakes, I feel that learning anything needs to have the psychological fear, whether these articles have a little mistake. As long as you follow the practice of it, if it is wrong, this is to help you accumulate experience, of course, more good articles to help you improve Wangzhuan skills. So don’t think about what is good, good Wangzhuan tutorial e-books can take a shortcut, if a book or a tutorial to help you learn to complete Wangzhuan, and earn their own ideal income, then Chinaz, Admin5, the laggards webmaster nets and so on what are you doing?!

four, the current Wangzhuan project more and more, as a webmaster has to earn money, but to see many friends today to do this.

Many webmaster Wangzhuan

however, the fact that we can not ignore is that from April 30, 2016 to April 30, 2017, the number of new three board listed company increased from 6945 to 11113, the number of listed company grew by 60%.

into the community or other network projects, the level is not improved, not that they do not want to improve, but not thinking of jumping, how to understand this? For example: shlf1314 Adsense advertising alliance, they all know that only site traffic increased, up shlf1314 Adsense to make money so many webmaster, dreaming of a flow of tens of thousands of hands after hanging advertising alliance. But the website traffic is not short-term can go up, in this way some webmaster gave up. Good habits should be from the site has a IP, it is necessary to put on the advertising alliance, although this may not be profitable, but you can use the web traffic development period, while learning website promotion, while advertising practice optimization, if there is no ads on your site, so there is no study advertising optimization training field. This habit also allows you to quickly master all aspects of online money making experience.

so many, make people wonder, in the IPO audit speed, refinancing tightening moment, the new three board or listed companies’ m & a pool,

, however, even after excluding listed company growth factors, in 2017 1-4 months, the number of mergers and acquisitions of new three Board companies, the number of cases and the total amount of transactions have increased significantly. In addition, the implementation of the completion of the acquisition of listed companies listed company case analysis, further proved that the new three board is still listed companies’ m & a pool".

Wangzhuan not more precision

"merger pool" position stable

statistics show that in 2017 1-4 months, the case of three new board company mergers and acquisitions market three new board, a total of 38 new companies in choice on the basis of the data from the transferee equity ratio is less than 20% of the cases, transactions involving an amount of over 11 billion 700 million yuan. And the same period in 2016, the new three board market, a total of 20 new mergers and acquisitions of listed companies from three new board case, involving transactions over 2 billion 400 million yuan.

, a successful Wangzhuan to make full use of time

on the one hand, from the number of new listed companies merger listed company case analysis, in 2017 1-4, listed companies mergers and acquisitions listed company case increased by 18 over the same period last year, an increase of 90%. On the other hand, in 2017 1-4 months, the total amount of transactions of Listed Companies in mergers and acquisitions listed company grew by about 9 billion 300 million yuan over the same period of last year, an increase of 3.87 times.

choice data according to incomplete statistics, 2017 1-4 months, a total of Chutian speed 600035.SH acquisition of Miki smart 837418.OC 16 cases of mergers and acquisitions of listed companies to complete the implementation of the listed company case, transactions involving an amount of over 6 billion yuan. In the same period in 2016, a total of 7 mergers and acquisitions of listed companies to implement the listed company case, involving transactions over 2 billion 500 million yuan. < >

recently, the failure of listed companies to acquire listed companies has occurred.

May 8th, the Yangtze new material 002652.SZ acquisition of China map education case announced the termination of public disclosure, Yangtze new material is the "China map education shareholder agreement failed to employment performance compensation".

two, a jump of thinking to the success of Wangzhuan

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