Taobao entrepreneurship sweet and sour partners out of bad healthO2O is not far from death US money

at this time of the year,

opening remarks,

is not difficult to find, these have experienced the market reshuffle, and still stand upright of evergreen enterprises all have a common characteristic: that is to use entity as the root, with the network as the sail. The so-called Internet plus is’ Internet plus industry ”, rather than ” + ” Internet industry.

the three of us decided to start at that time, we are very excited, this was the "Chinese partner" this movie, three of us go to the movies feel that success and bitterness. China type partner. At the time we wanted to be partners like Cheng Dongqing, Wang Yang and Meng Xiaojun.


in my memory of 2016,

In fact, Taobao has been doing !

"Jun, we can’t go back…"

has all his meow contact with them!

people across the country are forced to see a

, that reminds me of

looked at me, restless,



continues to burn money,

Spring Festival travel!

, but even these are able to ‘liberate hands” industry,

is really your ring cock!

O2O is also a net red presence,

I do Taobao officially in May 20th, why choose this day, the first day, it is easy to remember, I love you 520; second, it is the first week I resigned from the work on Monday, the official opening of my Taobao life. On such a romantic day, I opened my bitter Taobao life.

editor’s note: the author Chai son is a Guangdong Taobao venture, choice of entrepreneurial courage to give up high stability. His three months of dribs and drabs deserve all ready to enter the field of electricity providers, entrepreneurs or people who are starting to read well.

or capital winter on




burst into tears!!

in addition to capital winter,

, no!!!

, but struggled for years,

always imagine our future, you can become a Taobao category first, there can be ten operators for the year 2013 and so on, in a word, feeling good all waiting for us, of course, we are not successful.

now most O2O is facing the status quo of

I complex, in the "my story" and Taobao also Piven about me and the origin edge of Taobao, after several years of the past, this time I finally got the courage to give up my job, I gave up the stable life, even abandoned me dignity, against all kinds of pressure, to do my Taobao, is to not let myself regret again, I want to prove to everyone to see, I must mix a variety in Taobao.

opens Taobao’s entrepreneurial journey

water Internet Co! Oh,

unknowingly Taobao has been more than three months, these three months for me, can be said to be my life at the lowest ebb, and I was the most stressful period, as if down to the bottom of life. These days have been thinking, I would like to write down my life experience, if I do not write, I am afraid I will forget, wrote, I am afraid too sentimental. But today, finally got the courage to write this a few months or some insights and experiences, and give you a share, I hope that the transfer is a positive energy, to inspire everyone to move on.

in many Internet plus mode

, you’re not the worst man,

, that’s the point I can’t afford to buy at this moment,


eventually did not keep evergreen.

serious lack of profit margins.


if you want to do, to do a good job in Taobao, I a person is not enough, only minor. So I want to start a few friends together, is a good purchase network is wide, and can do some foreign procurement work; the other is my last advertising company design director, he is mainly responsible for the design; and I is mainly responsible for Taobao’s operation and promotion, and the whole business planning and co-ordination. It looks like we three is a perfect team, we have a period of running, we are very understanding, the key is we are very interested in, want to start the business, want to do this thing, it seems that a successful close to us.

because the worst thing about 2016 is

these eight poles don’t seem to work,

manzheng sob said on world weight:

in Eileen Chang’s "half life"




ten thousand horse rushing past!

is an investor in the police prostitution

, a blockbuster blockbuster with Chinese characteristics,

‘s colleagues tried to console me with a brainstorm:

can improve, but also domestic and takeaway.

whether Trump comes to power


seems to be reporting more about "death" at O2O.

? !

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