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, more and more enterprises begin to follow the example of some Chinese of multinational companies in China, through internal training, training and selection of personnel from the internal staff.

What is the most valuable of the twenty-first Century



the "A World Without Thieves" in the dialogue, has become a classic folk spread. For Nissan, cost millions, screening lasted a month, the marketing director for the million annual salary finally at the end of July CCTV "absolute challenge – top marketing" final live birth, can be said to be "a direct proof of most valuable talents".

The internal

talent, has become one of the key factors for enterprises to win the competition, profit growth. Although each year a large number of talent into the market, but can you find the right through the recruitment of talent has become increasingly difficult in the competition, to overcome the obstacles to the introduction and cultivation of talents, get more suitable job personnel, is becoming the key factor of enterprise’s core competence.

said the small and medium-sized enterprise information, many people will immediately think this is a bad market, in China, any industry can quickly be done bad, nor do bad, is to do a small profit, the price war, the SP market, one could have done 10 in the industry, in a short period of 3 years, is almost done, MMS customized ringing tone a pretty good thing, now do 5 big media coverage, buy a newspaper, listen to the radio, watch TV, on a network, buy a mobile phone, you can basically see the ad, also no wonder that 06 years is MMS years, everywhere, the color shape of the rapid increase in overall revenue, but earnings decline in single user cluster. Enterprise informatization is the combination of IT technology and advanced management thought. Through the realization of "information integration, process integration and function integration", the enterprise’s market competitiveness and economic benefits can be comprehensively promoted. Enterprise informatization first began in 1950s, the U.S. General Electric Company for the first time in the use of electronic data processing system EDPS, computer processing of daily business and automatic report generation function, the system only has statistics, data update and status report etc..


04, the Internet 10th anniversary celebration, Internet China initially entered the capital operation, the rapid development of the Internet, resulting in the beginning of five major media have begun on the website advertising, information of small and medium-sized enterprises in the online operation is basically almost 10 years, with the popularization of the network, more and more people cannot leave the network, must contact network I do, and some traditional industry friends, there are many sites, many people have built a website, a lot of people want to build a website, do not know how to get started. Enterprise site, one of the most basic Internet, so that many companies feel that they are not out of the trend, is not keeping up with the times?. The website, for an enterprise, just like the fixed telephone company, you know someone directly to your mobile phone, and do not understand your people only by your company’s telephone can understand, can understand, and the website, for any enterprise like this phone, so strange people can understand your company, to become familiar with the unfamiliar, so that business can be made, so that some of the meeting, some of the table, an occasional chance, left the company by telephone so that you can contact the company, leaving the company address can visit the company, these are the source of some traditional industries to communicate, so friends communication can be slow, but the cost is relatively high, and if the company has a web site, even if it is just a simple introduction of the enterprise, the company’s products are introduced, then Let the people far away from the ends of the earth, so that people who are not convenient to visit, so that those who inadvertently forget the phone quickly find the company, thus contributing to cooperation. Therefore, with the continuous prosperity of the Internet, enterprises will be more and more intense demand for the Internet, and the market will become more and more big.

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