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to Paizhuan please wait, I finish. Certainly some people and some people accounted for a large proportion of the said I was talking, which is so easy, if you can so easily that stationmaster already be rich. In fact, things may be so simple, but we do not do, in fact it is difficult to sell things online, Taobao online most sellers started simply do not know what is the network, but the people in the Internet to find information or friends will be able to open up shop, and no advertising publicity still rely on personal flow the booming, we like these professional web site and can get traffic why not do it? I have seen a website more vast, made a website directly from Taobao reprint information:, this website if you can do on the flow, combining online and offline, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Even if I do not do the line, then he received advertising, I guess Taobao is also the direct seller, the advertising costs should be compared to the union objective, after all, less in the middle layer or even several layers of advertising agents.

Tao second strokes: create a super forum posted: this trick is easy to learn, the effect is quite good. Long before the old knife to learn a super stained high: "so many ads in the forum? Why do you make money? The main reason is to promote his whole thinking products in your head, but did not expect to help others". This is the essence of marketing, useful products for others is a good product, life is more important than buying products. So the way to build a super forum is to start with helping others. For example I say how I help cousin promotion wallpaper, let me first cousin posted to provide how to solve the problem of wallpaper for everyone, I use a few Ma3 jia3 asked him a question, he answered enthusiasm in detail, the wallpaper gathered popularity, because of his profession, so the same professional, warm and friendly help many users to solve the problem. Posts are constantly refreshed and ranked on search engines. In this process, many users ask to buy what kind of wallpaper is better, more broadly to answer questions in the post, as little as possible related to advertising, and then use the forum Short Message way recommended him to two or three Taobao stores to see, this is their own promotion inside the product, and get a good conversion from.

Tao Wangwang, solution: it is simple and direct, good effect. Methods: multiple and you are the guest related group, want a friend, then to send you the link or guest mail promotion. The purpose is to cast a net wide and fish more. The requisite quality is thick skinned. This trick is the key enemy: add Wangwang friends. Experience sharing: looking for similar products you sell in Taobao which requires higher prices than your product, small shipments, low evaluation, a little bit of product, and promote your products to buyers who buy such products. The reason is simple, as salesmen look for target customers, these people are the target customers with this demand.

a fresh Chibian days. Three axes, more powerful!

heard that the network industry bigwigs are ready for the winter, our meat thin grass roots are the Pythian how it? Usually rely on tour bigwigs to eat, although also often complain about the gangster is not kind, but we think the amount of deduction, the fine horse really led his children a dry hibernation, we these small grassroots this winter is really tough. The gate of sh419 is on the roof. The threshold is too high to reach. The gate of SOGOU hasn’t been opened yet. GG is not reliable, from time to time to send a message threatening, personal station chief want to live, the only way out in the afternoon can only eat two lines.

sanbanfu, how I do Amoy month make a car

Tao third measure: create high conversion station. This trick is most webmaster pursuit, is also the most useful Amoy nirvana. There are countless ways to do rankings. The old ones don’t nag. They only share an important experience: "doing long tail keywords is a good way to maximize transactions."". There are two reasons, 1, long tail word difficulty is smaller, do ranking faster. 2, the conversion rate is higher, for example: "what kind of medication psoriasis," the word "searcher" are generally rushed to buy drugs

there are two kinds of funds in the Internet. One is enterprise funds, and the other is personal user funds. Now or the majority of enterprise funds, these funds into the form, generally divided into two categories: first, direct investment in customer sites, these sites are generally Huxing door website. Two. Invest in advertising agencies and distribute them to other customer stations by advertising agencies. This part of the website is our grassroots website. From the agent out of the funds, compared to half of the investment will be good. Then we want to increase the value of IP how to do, can only think of ways to expand themselves can become a portal. At least one of the best in the industry. This is very difficult, and now basically all types of websites have their own leader. If you want to develop, you must go beyond him, too difficult, like HAO1>

Lu Gong Yaojin using three axes licuoqunxiong, and at that time, a great story. The winning three: "split teeth, ears, forehead." simple and practical, dangerous, it is impossible to guard against and kill a lot. It is said: "sanbanfu, a mighty" old knife also has guest sanbanfu, their tricks are simple and direct, with good effect, economic benefits, sincerely share how I do guest earn a car.

in fact, this is not what new ideas, people have already put forward, and already a group of people have begun to try. The so-called two lines are online and offline. Do online traffic, offline trading. Actually, it’s very simple. For example, when you do a female stand, you can start a shop on Taobao and get some women’s clothes, cosmetics, and the like. Nowadays many young people are used to shopping online. The effect is definitely not bad. Such a website, if you can have 1000 IP a day, the profit may reach more than 100.


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