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why do I think winter is coming? Let’s spread financial knowledge. Next year, the United States will enter a cycle of interest rates, interest rates will go up. This means that the price of assets will decline, from bonds to equities, and there will be a major adjustment next year. When the two level market public open market adjustment, will come back to the primary market. Because once the two market is not good, many IPO can not go up, it will not acquire small companies, so many companies can not quit, can not quit, there is no money to vote. Capital market is a very rational thing, you have better fundamentals, or a relationship between supply and demand, when the supply of capital markets reduced, it will affect development.

what is an entrepreneurial gene? The concept is very important. When I was in college I worked for five years consulting professional students, from learning problems, to campus activities, I told them in the past five years, in this moment I give myself a heart that I just do the student counseling, I do the education development consulting and education development is the ultimate law what is the business?. So this is my gene.

‘s first day after the National Day holiday, 800+ entrepreneurs flocked to 3W coffee at the Nanshan District pioneer park. The China angel will host, entrepreneur, 3W media, 3W coffee, 3W innovation incubator with top investors in Shenzhen entrepreneurs exchange "to Chinese chairman Xu Xiaoping angel, director Yang Xiangyang, Zeng Liqing, Cai Wensheng, He Boquan, Ni Zhengdong, Bao fan star investor, on the Internet, mobile Internet bubble value and near the singularity and other topics, and business communication.

is more PGC," said the entrepreneur. "I’m relieved to see everyone worried."".

How does

"Jun Wu sub plane"

in January this year, the entertainment capital issued to students to make a judgment on the content of the white paper, PGC, "PGC station Dafengkou", which refers to "love gossip grow Association" behind the company to complete the financing to 100 million yuan valuation, "Luo Ji Thinking" B round of financing valuation has reached 1 billion 320 million; the vertical field of PGC, such as "understand the school" gender, maternal and child, "military plane time" military, "Eclipse" delicacy in the 2015 annual financing has been obtained.

"did not expect", "cock silk man" and other video success, so that PGC moment scenery no two. However, when the tide receded, he came to inspect who was still wearing shorts.

PGC blaze a new path in the flow of traffic that has been abandoned by the platform?

The opening of the

runaway comic

second, manage your cash flow. Because you are in the winter, it is possible to finance more time than you think, you may today in a few days to melt money, but in the winter may not be long enough money. So be sure to take care of it

in the past, the difficult transition, but can not go back, PGC entrepreneurs anxiety strikes, water network drama, network and network entertainment, have declined to be named, said that although the practitioners do not know what their own anxiety, but anxiety for several years". In Shanghai canned field founder ginger old Dao said, "a lot of dead is also normal", "the industry needs to refresh, eliminate the speculators."".

Xu Xiaoping: the entrepreneur’s genes are important,

, first of all, for Entrepreneurs:

packs: "winter will come, be prepared,"

Author: Li Jingyu editor: Li

industry, the head of content to highlight, fight the enemy separately verticals and pan entertainment, looks like the form of a good, but I did not expect that, after the half, the first half of this year in the form of a capital, Dad changed with the new network economy, turns red live host, network drama, wind wind fire, PGC fell into the abandoned former "".

pictures from "cock silk man"

according to Wang Cheng’s observation, before the platform to the big PGC’s generous recommend benefits, this year has begun to cut, or even completely disappear.

traffic drop platform no longer attaches importance to



, according to Wang Cheng, when the major platforms began to support PGC last year, it was easy for the video platform to recommend these PGC

The early pattern of

I had invested in a young man, he was not handsome, speak not agile, doing bars, clothing store, again and again to ask me for money, I can give him every time, because I was attracted by his deep understanding of street culture, love is incomparable to this cause, let his genes have a strong attraction. Now that his community is expanding, it has nothing to do with bubbles, but he does things differently from the first day.

first, first guys should be used as three. For example, you may be able to do ten things, eight things today, true to the winter time may only do three things, you have a choice, because the only choice after you know what money is the flower, which is not supposed to spend money.

at the end of last year to the beginning of this year, PGC industry has experienced an outlet, have access to financing.

Wang Cheng is PGC industry practitioners, although Wang Cheng in this industry is only two years, but witnessed the PGC from good life to hard day process. "Now PGC is entering the Red Sea, and now it’s killing too much."." Wang Chengcheng: now there are about more than 5000 companies doing PGC on the market, but there are not many real ones."

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