The venture become fashionable for a time do you remember

Abstract: in 2016, the capital of winter is like forcing Cretaceous dinosaur extinction, some were quickly forced startups feel even because it is difficult to adapt to the test, many fail. But for investors or entrepreneurs, the past is summed up in order to better forward.


one, back thigh Ali capital: Amoy on the road is still declared bankruptcy

in June 24, 2016, once the star company Amoy on the road to the supplier recently issued an open letter, the letter said, Amoy on the road by the winter capital, struggling, the reorganization of assets in order to seek new business transformation, and the related debt consolidation and settlement of the work is already in progress.

the company was founded five years, B round of financing after tens of millions of dollars, once approved, Ali redpoint capital and New Horizon Capital heavyweight investment institutions project right in the winter.

basic introduction:

Amoy on the road was founded in 2011, from UGC (i.e., the community started to travel on the road, similar to the platform as well as the ant nest, bread travel), 2014 sales to the tourism product platform transformation, advocate "walk out" and the service of travel destinations.


August 2011 million yuan angel investment;

July 2012 to get red point investment of $1 million 500 thousand A round of financing;

April 2013 Ali capital of $3 million A+ round of financing.

In 2014,

has won $3 million A+ round of financing Ali capital, and new horizon capital investment led tens of millions of dollars B round of financing

The main reason for the collapse of


1, the lack of liquidity of the company, relying on Financing life, the result of the final venture capital market environment gradually become cold, the capital is increasingly cautious for investment in the C round is not in place and death.

GPLP Jun comments:

entrepreneurship should pay attention to cash flow and strict financial management, with the ability to self hematopoietic, survival is the key.

2, too much subsidy or become an important cause of its funding strand breaks. A lot of money for the purchase of traffic, advertising and user subsidies.

"mad money" also brought sequela. October 2015 began to wash the road began to shrink marketing costs, subsidy costs, team size is also cut from 300 to 200. For this sudden turning point, Chen Wei explained that the capital is the cause of winter". Thus, Chen Wei has also expressed on the burn strategy choice: "sometimes unavoidable, such as sometimes people burn, burn do not burn your


encountered winter capital to burn strategy, scouring the road Products >

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