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"if we had taken financing when we did the video download business, there might be no Verycd today."." Talking about the company today, the founder of the company Huang Yimeng micro-blog can not help feeling sad.

then, Verycd number of users increased rapidly, and has become the largest film and television, music, game resource sharing sites, and an open computer open eMule download software linked to online resources, many netizens habits.

Verycd employees crowded old factory in Shanghai Xujiahui a Loft style, the long hall has not sat under the new staff members, an independent company looking for new building under renovation.

at the same time, Verycd is facing Verycd because it includes a lot of pirated movies, music, and game resources

fifth: as everyone knows, the brand to buy things a lot of people still choose big brands, that if the working class do very well, is slowly formed a reputation, this is also the brand reputation. Product quality is good, so that Internet users are satisfied, even if there are small problems, customers will not care too much, in the late consultation with customers have been resolved, customer care, customer care angle

Say goodbye to

now, in the face of a crowd of investors demanding investment, it is difficult for Verycd, which has ample cash flow, to negotiate good prices with investors. Verycd, a senior executive, claims that the company’s valuation is as high as 3 billion yuan – while many investors offer only Verycd months’ worth of earnings.

web store, solid name Si Yi, that is, shop, so now everyone knows that the shop is very difficult to do, what to do some good ideas to shop? The quality of the products, Gu rate feedback, customer clicks, to store traffic, brand website, etc. these problems in time all affect how much you make money.


, right?

problem is in the video industry where Verycd is located, and the industry’s profit model is not clear. Almost all video sites rely too much on advertising revenue.

third, the customer hits: in this way, the customer is very satisfied with your service, just not satisfied with the product, you or to change or to retreat, he will think you are very honest, the next time there needs to be something will come to you first here, if a friend or colleague, to choose something here you are, yes, certainly the first to recommend you here, right? Maybe someone says, if the shoes don’t have much money? Didn’t earn much money? Certainly a lot of people would like to think that you think, a pair of shoes may not earn much money, but he is behind much of the consumer group? If this pair of shoes you can earn one hundred, then later if he to another store to buy it, you can only earn the one hundred late, right, at the expense of one hundred, may change one thousand, which value? Comparison primary school, they compare.

"at that time, VCs didn’t see us."." Sitting in the conference room, Huang Yimeng recalled the hard times.

second: customer feedback: if the above case, the customer bought shoes, later there is a problem, for you to solve, communicate, you just let the customer will send you the shoes, you will call a customer, that this is just a small thing, just show you and others different? Network shops and store different is the shop in different forms, but the same is to survive, to sell the shop as well as the development of


"at that time, many people thought Verycd was a big website. In fact, we were a very small company."." Huang Yimeng says. Until 2009, the size of the company has been hovering around 30, and the annual profit is only 1 million yuan, the founding team at the time of Verycd had high expectations for myself, but there is always a kind of "could not make a strong feeling".

fourth, to the store’s passenger flow: a lot of people in worry about click rate, traffic, then there is traffic, with the click rate, there really is a deal? A lot of people will answer, not necessarily ah. Yes, of course not. If I went to a clothing store to see it and didn’t shop, it actually had a traffic flow, but no deal. What’s the most basic?. Of course, I have paved the way above first, second, third points, plus some store dress and publicity, the click rate is no problem, if you want to see your trading skills, such as text description, photos, such as customer service.

so, first, the quality of the product: if you buy a pair of shoes in the shop, the wear shoes for a few days, there is a problem, customers communicate with you, you said the shoe itself is no problem, find out the reason, imagine, if so, the customer will again not to buy? The shoe is a good thing to you? So, what is the quality first.

but a year later, the company has unexpectedly become a monthly income of billions of dollars, the monthly profit 4489 yuan cash cow. Today, more than 90% of Verycd’s revenue comes from web games, which have become the biggest dark horse in the web game industry in 2011, according to metrics such as the number of hits and the number of people on the line.

what has happened to this young company over the past 12 months?

2003, Huang Yimeng and Dai Yunjie to start Verycd, they first put the P2P software download "eMule eMule" is introduced into China, and hit the share, the Internet "slogan, in the domestic set up a huge resource sharing community.


January 2011, Verycd because of large-scale deletion of film and television, download music resources and traffic decline of 50%, the outside world once thought that the company will be finished.

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