Sing founder Chen Hua sing singThe new network advertising Vicenza

in the face of rumors, sing founder Chen Hua just laughed, "now we want to invest in the VC is indeed a lot, but in China, many of the details are not convenient to disclose."

, not many people know, this "fire APP", in fact, just Chen Hua and his team a "careless move."".


_ Lei Shunli photography _ Liu Jun

usually love the lively Liu Xiaoyu recently fell in love with a person’s time, and indulge in his own voice, and let her have such character reversal, just a sing karaoke software.


both media platforms, ideas are through the aggregation of the vast site and produce a huge long tail effect. NarrowAD has 3000 mainstream news media sites linked by accumulation and to the portal, Internet advertising media relations continued for many years in Hong Kong and information of small personal website on the 10000 website to reach a joint, to promote enterprise products.

sing play is very simple, to start the orange red color for the application of small software, you want to sing songs mostly karaoke hot city white-collar It is often seen. selected closely with music, singing, and then share upload, the final evaluation of waiting for someone and flowers". Of course, you can also be a quiet audience, paying attention to the singers who are interested in them, commenting, sending flowers and so on. In the process of listening to songs, the screen will show the lyrics of the singers in turn, which will also inject "beautiful" elements into the monotonous lyrics.


time orientation allows you to set ad release times, such as office product ads, which can be set up for Monday to Friday of each week, from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. every morning. Such as film and television ads can choose to put in at night or weekend launch. You can also set when the ad will be launched in the future, so that the effect of advertising will be greatly increased. At the same time, advertising and joint report is an intermediary platform according to the effect of marketing pay, pay per click, if not to generate traffic, advertising will be free to show, compared with the general according to the length of paid advertising is easier to control, can be adjusted in real time to the advertisement, so as to avoid the waste of advertising.

both have article content association, city orientation, budget control and so on. City orientation is a technology based on IP orientation, which reduces the scope of enterprise advertising to the city, so as to achieve local advertising, so that advertising can achieve better results. For example: A beauty salon for local customers, when it chooses the portal or search engine when it is running, the ads to the country, while only local customers see the ads will have the desire to buy, other city advertising becomes an advertising effect for it, so that each user cost is greatly improved, if the A beauty salon use to put, can put ads in the local lock on, make a number of ads are effective for each impression.

keyword orientation is an associated advertising technology. Based on the analysis of the content of the advertising page, determine the correlation of pages, extract frequent advertising keywords, or manually define keywords, so that you put the ads and the content of the page.

in 2004, after graduating from graduate school, Chen Hua’s No.

North NarrowAD, South joint report, the former narrow divisions, the latter directional association."

34 year old Chen Hua graduated from the university computer system, before the sing, Chen Hua with many men about thirty years of age, not stop job hopping, entrepreneurship, constantly trying to realize the dream of all possible. Although Chen Hua has changed a lot of work, but never left the internet. "The Internet can be said to be China’s major industries in the most clean industry, do not need to shoot who flattery, really is to rely on skills to do things." Chen Hua says.

now, like Liu Xiaoyu, Agam such as daily sing with the number has exceeded a million, the ordinary like a girl next door like entertainment software, on-line two months to keep the APP Store free software top five position, the user growth rate and activity than any ever an application.

sang, not only succeeded in capturing the hearts of users, but also make investors interested in it. Since the line, sing about financing one of the most eye-catching story drifting profusely and disorderly, than at the beginning of the July Sequoia Chinese inject $15 million to get 20% of its shares, sing at a $75 million valuation.

concern is: NarrowAD tixa products under the banner of Beijing www.narrowad and Hangzhou special network advertising products linked to chess www.adsky. NarrowAD called a keyword oriented platform to narrow, and the joint report is the effective marketing platform of a multidimensional orientation, they play an important role in the effect of Chinese marketing advertising platform today, and new advertising echoes, we compare it with many common characteristics.

drift race after downloading the Agam since last month sing, at first just to pass the boring time he now will occasionally own recording songs uploaded to micro-blog. When someone praises him for singing the fairy tale more than the original song, Agam, who usually does not speak much, will humbly say, "I just want to sing when I want to sing."".

as Internet advertising is advertising of traditional business owners understanding and application, there have been more and more advertising and media have begun to show, that for large brand communication gateway to the media, but also for small and medium product sales model engine keyword advertising, communication mode is also rapidly diversified.

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