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suddenly, such as spring night, thousands of pear trees. Although the traditional education and training model began to feel the blow of the north wind in winter, the discussion about the whole education training market became more heated. The development of mobile Internet technology, whether it is to do education, or do IT, firmly believe that in the near future, the education field will set off a wave of revolution, online education will replace the offline education model. Ma Yun and Wang Jianlin on the billion yuan of e-commerce gambling, further exacerbated by all traditional industries on the impact of information technology from the discussion. We have seen in November 11th 12 "singles day" Carnival, Taobao revenue of nearly 20 billion, while ten years ago, Taobao a year of turnover of less than one hundred million. Ten years, electronic commerce has increased 10 thousand times, this is any of a traditional industry is difficult to hold a candle. In the education industry, is also not a on-line company really sit on the dominant position, and the entire industry trillion market size for all unable to hide greeds. For a time, the traditional training companies began to develop vigorously into the network, and IT company also have been involved in the field of education, 2010-2012 years a large number of online education products and professional courses in line.

, but I think it is necessary and similar to the team’s many, no investment in hand travel CP class team said, before looking for investment and looking for investment should pay attention to what?.

so investors a case only one purpose: to make money, but also the key point is almost no investor investment are dividend to go, a seemingly reasonable exit should be acquired and listed.

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unfortunately, however, no online education company has established a truly effective online training model so far. Said rudely, do not understand the network education network education, network education company of course he did not know the network itself may also do not understand, education and training everyone did not want to know where the advantages of the network, what is the characteristics of education and training, will throw off arm force, eventually can only be test before it fodder network education mode. Please snow friends think, this has been the myth of the Internet model is really equal to anything the? Network can cook for you? No, it can only help you transfer line ordering information, master well after the logistics through the line to your table. Can the network send you from Beijing to Shanghai? No, it can only help you book tickets. You still have to go offline to make an airplane or train. Can the Internet give you an injection to treat the disease? No, it can only be registered for you. You have to line yourself up to the doctor’s site for injection treatment. What can the Internet do? The network allows you to read news, watch movies, play online games, communicate with friends, and also include orders and goods and services you just mentioned. In short, the network can only do two things: one is the transfer of digital information, and the other is the processing of digital information. Net >

later, the game media interviewed the PPT team.

was also accompanied by a map of this kind:

1, the mind, we want to know how investors are born with money;

received a copy of the PPT, my tiger body shake chrysanthemum tight! This tall on the team who are interested in investing? Required for a period of 3 million investment team accounted for 100% of the shares, make the product into 55, the management is divided into up to 9 million employers get rough, if the team look at you like, don’t mind and send you 10%-20% shares. I saw a group of aspiring and ambitious young people, I moved to tears, the mobile Internet industry needs such hot blood year!

introduction: author of the article published in time for the New Oriental teachers in ordinary, I stocks released this article by Yu Minhong and other education chiefs in the value, after the release of a number of companies are willing to pay the annual salary of hundreds of thousands of education hired him. This article caused a great shock in the educational world. It was called "the most dry article in online education" in history.


wolf stocks

3, the equivalent of investment shares, not to hold shares is borrowing; borrowing is to have a formal agreement to confirm the interest and repayment period……

I don’t think I need to explain this too much, so it seems a little less realistic to look back at the idea of the team I originally mentioned in my article;

as Mobile Games CP enterprises still see VC practitioners, I may be inconvenient to comment on the team and this way, I don’t doubt that there will be investors because it together "events" to contact the team even investment;

so when the risk is limited, to participate in the investment intention becomes small; even if you think this is a can not lose……

2, venture capital in essence is the pursuit of high-risk, high returns;

Diao fried days!

and one more thing, all of the following is only for institutional investors, pure human angels, and strategic investments such as channels, publishers, big CP are beyond the scope of discussion.

a few days ago, my friend micro-blog called me a micro-blog like this:


limited death 3 times return, and this 3 times do not know how long, no shares……

share investors Zhuang Minghao this article, for those ambitious entrepreneurs a wake-up call. No one in the world is a fool, investors prefer a solid entrepreneurial team. Before looking for an investment, the entrepreneur would better know some underlying rules".  

my reply is three words:

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