English tourism website Kuangzhuan beauty knife Guide

we do garbage station is to earn clicks, earn advertising fees, in all advertising inside, I think GGAD is better. To be an English website is a good way to earn "beauty", but it is more difficult to make and promote it than Chinese Web site. English website must do a unique station. We are going to discuss the production and promotion of English websites from several main aspects.


site, we should determine the following questions:

Location and content of

1. website. (user community, which is the most important)

2. domain name and space provider’s choice.

3.CMS system selection.

4. website art and content acquisition

5. website profit model

6. how to promote E travel website

7. insists, seriously do E Wen station, ask Baidu and Google


how exactly does that fix the problem,


1: website positioning content, why is my theme today is tourism website production,


first, for reasons of interest, personal will like to travel. Two is the reason for the work, because I have been working in a foreign company in China’s tourism market analysis. However, there are so many topics related to tourism that there are too many, many and many. We still have to choose a point, a hot spot for tourism, such as the introduction of foreign friends and the ancient Chinese cultural tourism market. Remember: "because of concentration, so professional."".

two: domain name selection

The choice of the

domain name should first consider the topic of the web site.

2.1: can choose the domain name according to what you have done.

2.2: the name of the site must be loud enough, with the same name better. Preferably, your domain name contains keywords for your promotion.

2.3: the choice of space providers: this, of course, chooses a stable space provider. For example, I put it in a relatively stable space inside.

three: CMS system of domestic DEDECMS, foreign foreign PHPBB, you can also go to this site to find some open source or Baidu for your custom CMS, or WP BLOG is the simplest system specific we surf the internet.

four: website art and content acquisition and SEO

Art: foreigners like art, the more concise the better. The artist’s tone and map can be selected in the tourist map. I’m usually a COPY, someone else’s template, or a friend called an art designer. To put it plainly, neither my art nor the program. Fur.

content: the content of the tour site is not difficult, you can C>

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