Taobao operations Raiders how to improve Taobao mobile terminal traffic

Abstract: mobile Taobao search optimization is mainly to optimize the search conversion rate of single products, mobile phone volume, search click rate, product price band selection, and how to optimize according to personalized recommendations.

mobile phone Taobao as the current fastest growing traffic sources, in 2014, its UV has nearly 80 million, double 11 during the hand washing traffic accounted for up to 40%. Therefore, from the business point of view, we must pay close attention to the composition of hand Amoy traffic and user shopping habits, in order to combine the actual operation of the store category, to plan, improve conversion rate. Prior to this, the seller for hand Amoy operations research is focused on a certain point, such as keyword settings, or page design, there is no comprehensive summary of the system. This time, it aimed at the hand wash search weight changes, and user browsing habits, to introduce how to set the seller of the main keywords, hand wash drawing and participation, this to improve the search rankings.

traffic trends new trillion

Taobao official for mobile search and PC search weight settings are different, mainly due to the user side of the mobile phone environment is affected by multi-party conditions. Such as the user’s environment, speed, how to use the device (mobile or tablet), Android or apple client. When the official set up search rules, it will combine the user’s mobile phone Taobao usage and consumer habits

analysis of current user behavior, the mobile terminal has the following notable features:

long tail word flow high

because the input text is not convenient at the end of the handset, the user will use the drop-down box to provide the optional words when searching the product at the mobile terminal. This caused the mobile terminal keyword long tail word flow than the PC side of the long tail word flow more. System recommended search long tail word with spaces, which is also different from the PC side.

shopping cart or collection conversion rate:

mobile phone users like to use favorites and shopping cart functions, the longer the page stays, the more likely the user will add a shopping cart or a collection.

personalized display of goods

mobile phone screen is smaller than the PC side, the number of babies displayed on a single screen is limited, how to let users in the mobile terminal faster and more convenient to find the goods you want, is also very important purpose. This requires the use of Taobao big data, personalized display of goods to consumers, in the layout of the goods, mobile terminal than PC requirements higher.

also has a can not ignore the characteristic is, compares the PC search handset side weight, pays more attention to the single product weight. Combined with the above behavior refinement, can be summed up the impact of hand wash search weight factors are: the commodity search conversion rate, volume and price with the mobile phone terminal, page loading speed, users in the residence time, the search page hits (main picture quality), baby, baby name, creation time mobile phone exclusive price, gold coin discount, personalized recommendation. >

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