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a month ago, CCTV exposure CN domain name information review lax management, leading to the existence of a large number of pornographic websites, yellow illegal information overflow, CNNIC under pressure, issued "on the further strengthening of information audit domain name registration notice", clearly only enterprise can register CN domain name, domain name registration requires the user to submit the application materials to the domain name online registration services, no business license or certificate of organization code of individual users, will not be able to apply for the registration of the domain name. After the announcement of the implementation of individual registration CN domain name activities were halted. However, only in the first week of the implementation of the personal registration ban, the number of registrations registered by international domain names registered in China has increased by 10 times. In addition, some people were forced to fill in false information in the name of the company, bypassing supervision. Although there are a large number of jurisprudence illegal websites in the domain inventory arrested, but more afraid of legitimate users affected or take illegal means to circumvent regulation or choose a foreign registered.Com.

CNNIC released the "twenty-fifth China Internet development report" shows that in 2009, the vast majority of Chinese network statistics are on the rise, but the number of domain names China is on the decline, the number of domain names CN than in 2008 fell 113 thousand and 193, a decline of 0.83%. In 2008, CN domain name registration volume of about 13 million, as CNNIC strongly respected CN domain name, 09 years non rise anti drop. Comparison of.Com domain name registration number rising, carry out the "one yuan" registered promotional activities within three years of enrollment jumped 08 years to become the world’s top country has the largest number of CN domain name now has the situation, can not be said to be a "cup". The change has made CN domain name become the mainstream of the domestic website domain name, and now the change has caused CN domain name users to suffer heavy losses.

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CN domain names can not only promote the development of the domestic Internet, but also boost the domain name market and bring high income to the country. Maybe CNNIC is also worried about the decline of the CN domain name not only for the Internet is no benefits for their own on Thursday, CNNIC issued "on a registered domain name information check work notice" requirement, information documents in December 11th before the domain name holder in personal verification work should be submitted, this also means that the CNNIC for the first time clearly the legitimacy of the person with domain name. While distance regulations prohibit individuals registered issued 04 days a month, CN domain name policy further deregulation, 18, CNNIC spokesman said, CNNIC has been based on the requirements of the competent departments, working on the drafting of the relevant person registered ".Cn" domain name, is expected to allow individuals to register and hold the ".Cn" domain in a period of time after. The key to restart the registration of individual domain names is to take the lead in realizing the real name system of registration information.

CNNIC’s new regulations are indeed good news for CN domain users. Prohibit CN domain name, individual registration will only make more small and medium-sized websites lose in the foundation of Internet foothold, more can make CNN>

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