The PHPWind community model to bring personal webmaster new opportunities

in December 18, 2008, PHPWind official successfully upgraded to version 7, careful users are not difficult to find, in the forum home navigation on the emergence of a community model and traditional mode of navigation. Community model, as a new generation of PHPWind development model, will be dedicated to more web owners with services, to meet their more personalized needs.


all accidental, actually has the inevitability. When we are still predicting coming PHPWind7.0 version is what changes will happen, in fact all community modes have been in our beta and RC versions to pave the way, very many "traces" signals and to display the 2009 PHPWind in the community of software industry will be staged a grand new drama.

user demand driven and technology driven, let PHPWind completely into a new orbit in the community of software industry, as a community of software developers and suppliers, we must be committed to the user, to pay for their needs. In 2008, SNS really made the Internet a fire, from school to happy network in the Discuz Uchome., however, PHPWind always adhere to its direction, without wavering, running quietly in the industry chain of community software. There is no doubt that in the community software industry changes, PHPWind will lead the broad community webmaster, look at them, you can get a glimpse of the 2009 community changes trajectory.


in the new community model, the forum will be more perfect:

webmaster can fully realize personalized customization, the implementation methods will be more abundant, more convenient management and carding the content of the forum, members of the theme will be released better display.

in the new community mode, webmaster can customize the forum home page content and classification page content, no longer was simple 4 calls, and all calls the content can be edited by hand. Each call module can have several different calls and customizations, and each content page can customize the template, customize the call type, and the number of modules.

powerful and free content show way to the webmaster more content screening and display space, as long as you want to, and can’t do it. The new community mode will subvert the previous community model, he will master creativity and inspiration will play to the limit, the webmaster will have a new breakthrough in the community management, to create the webmaster! Believe that 2009 will have more good points such as stand out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.

2009, PHPWind will continue to focus on the forum program, will be more new models dedicated to the majority of webmaster users, let us work together with the webmaster to create, grow together.

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