By the interesting website want rice think of the development of nternet

sees a website today: "I want rice", the address is:

had a taste of it and thought it was fun. Not to associate with the development of the internet.


now most of the Internet sites are content based, such as information stations, novel stations, music stations. The more content, the better.

and "I want rice" do not go this way, but choose to be user oriented, with fun as the center, advocacy " experience advertising, fun games, easy to win meters " concept.

draws on virtual cards and various kinds of physical prizes as a lure. This model should be regarded as an innovation, right?.

now the webmaster, do website is traffic, traffic cannot do without the search engine, search engines want another job requires a large number of articles, content.

seems to have been numb webmaster, in this model, can not keep up with the speed of Internet development.

, and the Internet this thing development speed is too fast, and behind the clock will be eliminated, to traffic based, Baidu based development model has been outdated, want to develop, you have to reform, you have to innovate.

innovation is not the mainstream, so it is not the most popular, but often the most promising. The Internet has been in development, has been in progress, always around what QQ code station ah, what non mainstream pictures ah station not many promising, have done bad, want to develop good, no new idea is not enough.

08 years of Internet, along with the Olympic Games, will produce more new theme of the website, "I want rice" is just an example. But, to be sure, the new concept of the Internet must be around the user application, now users demanding, see how you move to attract Internet users, with what method to retain users.

dear webmaster, do you have any ideas,


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