Unstable Chen Yizhou the loss of Renren the carnival of capital operation


I world network operators from the start date, Chen Yizhou has two lingering label: entrepreneurs and businessmen, he cannot wield industrial plot, before 2006, Thousand Oaks, annual income of up to 80 million yuan. After all, 56 by rice, net business income drag, it fell, but the cash, Chen Yizhou has sold the loss of assets at the end of January, the letter renren.com pause function, business upgrade. Chen Yizhou said, "I don’t like stability very much.".


at the end of January, the letter renren.com pause function, business upgrade.


signal is offline, some netizens misread as renren.com for a time, a circle of friends to mourn, netizens have expressed to accompany the growth of social networking sites don’t give up. After Chen Yizhou stepped forward to clarify, this farce just came to an end.

however, taking a look at the performance of Renren over the past few years, the concerns of users are not without reason: the operation of Renren has shown a downward trend. According to the 2014 third quarter earnings report, everyone’s total revenue and net revenue decline of more than 30%, gross profit fell 77%, operating loss reached $95 million 700 thousand.

in the customer base, with its loyal users 80, 90 gradually entered the community, the use of Renren frequency has declined, still on the campus after 00, for this once social king is also relatively new. In addition, WeChat, micro-blog and other mobile end products also have a huge impact on traditional PC social networking sites, and have taken the place of tendency.

once relied on everyone, and Chen Yizhou was thinking about how to make a change, but the pace of catching up was somewhat slow.

business has never been an area where Chen Yizhou excels, and profitability is not its forte. Once the glutinous rice net, 56 nets under its management, also can only sell at a loss. On the contrary, Chen Yizhou for capital operation more skilled, sophisticated, from ChinaRen development to thousands of oak interactive, and then to everyone’s company, every step shows its ability to control the capital.


can’t shake off the industrial complex

"from my perspective, I have some business complex, have a strong interest in entrepreneurship, keen to try new things, love the life of non-stop, relatively speaking, love is not very stable, and some specific affairs."

has had two lingering labels on Chen Yizhou since the start of the business. One is an entrepreneur, two is a businessman. For entrepreneurship, Chen Yizhou has a special liking, has also adhered to. However, start on the road of ups and downs, Chen Yizhou is often the capital operation ability in a time of tide.

1999 saw the potential of community websites

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