A growing network of Anhui culture in the crevice

many times to reflect on, and found themselves looking for a very narrow road, narrow to what extent, narrow enough to turn around.

why? In Anhui cultural network (www.ahage.net) a start position is to do historical sites, not to think too much, just had this idea, what is this idea, indeed, he said is not clear. I’m just doing it, and I don’t remember exactly when I started collecting data, though it was a short time. When collecting data, who do not know what I’m doing, to the Internet, the Old Street Bookstore, find a lot of historical and cultural books, began to collect some materials because of the special historical data of the system, in addition to the local chronicles, there will be no, but in many places he is very old, there is no electronic version, but for such scattered around the local chronicles, the system integration is not an easy thing, and I have to do the site and not simply the local chronicles together like this……

so, probably spent more than two months, the website is done, and the collation of the more than 1000 articles, of course, there is also a lot to find from the network, and then told some friends, there is a station, some people are interested in, and is happy on the line after not a week to the major search engines are included, and every day from Baidu over IP is also a lot of traffic more and more each day, I saw a little bit of hope.

, but it’s not that simple. A lot of website friends tell me, you this do not have future, because the development of space is too small, plainly, you this thing is not make money. I am speechless, really, I don’t know what I want to can rely on this to make money, what website can develop to large scale, how many people come here to see information every day……

a lot of times, I am a stubborn person, since decided a thing, do not want to give up easily. So, I told myself, I every day for their interest in doing something, even if do not earn a penny, don’t do the things you love, also need to consider the problem of money? Every day tell yourself, give yourself hope, make their own efforts, one day, in the back, every setback came, hold on, continue……


in the Baidu K station, in others against language, I smiled and told him, no, I am still myself, no, this station is still there, maybe, I am not a professional webmaster, because the lack of ability to make money and money for the general webmaster. The idea of the desire, but I can still for their own interest, and the ongoing efforts in the work, take the time to enjoy our little achievements.

(source: www.ahage.net)

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