mprove website user loyalty from the entity care

how to improve the site’s loyalty is one of countless stationmaster troubles, and in the last week I have the perfect solution to this problem, we all know that a website development and user loyalty is closely related, and in the last week, a user has sued another user said to each other in use users can post machine, why have the patience to report other users, I think this is the website and related system.

my website system is to report a long spider man can get 10 yuan bill, and this award was established in 2 weeks time but no one has been reported to lead, until only post machine took the 10 yuan bill, ask: why

users to report?In my opinion

users to report another user’s behavior is to 10 yuan fee, that is to say the actual benefits, and now many websites and forums have adopted a reward system, or some of the performances of the discourse, to tell the truth that no significant reward has been unable to attract the user’s psychological needs and this idea should be changed, the user loyalty first thing to care is to improve the solid website now, so we should start from what aspects of

?We can start from the first

award, by acquiring small rewards to further promote the enthusiasm of users, Internet users and friends as long as there is enthusiasm so you can bring a lot of benefits for the site, for example we can report by allowing users to access certain calls, can also buy some small gifts for the user, these costs are in fact is not large, the key is to let users understand with their hearts for action. We can think about: when we were in the rain in the rain, if someone can be free of charge for us to put up a piece of the sky, so our hearts must be very grateful to send a small reward website also is this meaning, so that users can really remember us.

then we can start from the permanent resident users, users on behalf of the user to have a certain degree of recognition on the website, we can launch a lottery for more time online users for a long time, the annual event in two to three times on the line, now my site is taken every 4 months to get a large-scale activities, then online time more than 300 hours of users can participate in activities, prizes are generally between 1000-2000 items, sometimes is a mobile phone, sometimes is the air conditioning, do not belittle these things charm, can really attract a lot of people, I am in a giant event held on 4.7 in site traffic even exceeded 8000 people, was I scared, my forum has so many people? I usually do not see the bubble.

finally, we can be more physical things to improve customer loyalty, it is money, now what people love, is the love of money, so we can use money to attract people, there are a lot of a forum moderator, and these moderators have some free, some are paid.

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