am not the webmaster was a pig raiser

is ashamed, in fact, not a station master. I graduated from a private computer school, the craziest School of advertising on Anhui tv. It’s a failure, a garbage one. ASP self-study web to a network company in dawdle, really easy to mix, mainly to see you are not intelligent enough, technology is not good, never mind, the Internet can go to download the program, need to change, he will not ask at the same time, but don’t let them see you nothing. Understand. If you give a small report to the boss, you’ll be done for. Peacetime relations must do well, smoke money can not be saved.

contact ADMIN5 by accident, because a request to do a business station with another enterprise, very abnormal, I accidentally search the site, found on ADMIN5, people selling. It’s cheap. I remember it was 30 dollars, and it was the first time I got in touch with the ADMIN5 agency. The deal was going well, and it took a few minutes to get through. Just change the LOGO. Get to the customer, the customer happy pidianpidian. From then on, I had nothing to do on the ADMIN5.

the first time I traded on the website was a movie station. At that time thought to reselling in the industry website, also do not understand, think like buying program, the site has more than 200 IP, he is going to sell 200 dollars, I do not know the price is high or low, but the instinct is to kill the price, he may give me the price a part of the bargain space soon on a good, ADMIN5 intermediary transactions smoothly. The company has a server, open a space on the Ok. Next month, every day to update my web site, are hotlinking, and then there is the advertisement, enterprise station promotion tools used for advertising company. So one month down, my flow from 200 liters to 2000, very happy. But one day I found my traffic was back to a few hundred. The original Baidu to my site included all to remove, there is only one home page. Depressed all day long, ask people everywhere, and hope, the answer is normal, there should be no problem, with a nervous mood to the third day, Baidu put me out, traffic and come back. At last I felt relieved, but at the same time I had an idea. I had to sell it. I immediately went to Admin5 to make a sale station information. Someone quickly added me. Look at the statistics when the most funny, he said a few days ago I said so little traffic, space is not stable, so I want to sell the station, which makes him more at ease, quickly agreed to sell him 1500 yuan price, the intermediary is also very fast. Very strange, people are webmaster, children, I sold their children, even a trace of sentimental are not, anti way is very happy, so that is not a webmaster, I only use that thing as a tool to make money. I earned 1300 dollars a month, and I got 1500 dollars a month. Later, those who took some money and get modeled on several small, tired, but the result was satisfactory, one month after the shot 2, 2 months after selling 4, there.

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