Good room is half the battle

site is good, it is time to find a nest site, the site first settled down. In the first unit space friends for a few days, feeling with the space is not a long-term solution, then, on the Internet to find Hu is not a lot, requirements, cheap price, good service on the line, and finally found the "Internet XY", the main fancy it is double, telecom, Netcom dual line try a few days feeling good speed, it is


spent less than 100 yuan, to the site of the place up, it seems "landlord" heart is not very good, the price of


happy but a few days, things came from! "Move" now also a month, there have been a few times, so that the website is either can not return home, or who is knocking at the door closed, not open!! the most funny is one day even. All moved, "number" (IP) have changed, I unexpectedly did not know, just know the phone, then check the box, there is a letter to inform the server to change IP, alas, I only know there are wolves in winter, spring also know that there are wolves, such a big company, so a big thing, don’t make a telephone call to the client to send a message to say, also you.

before a burst of promotion site, has little achievements, ranking steadily rising, has reached the home page, through these accidents, alas…

after a few of these things, I think, in the future to give the website "nest", must study carefully, inspect the landlord’s character, so as to avoid future bitter words.

1, ask friends in a group and listen to your friend’s advice.

2, online search, see if there is any comment?.

3, service first, price second.

4, it is best to buy their own house, can not buy, but also to find a big room east rent.

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