A5 transactions and exposure of large transactions two financial websites ten million transactions

recently had two gold website through A5 owners, turnover amounted to ten million yuan, to the site of the A5 transaction history again added a strong!

it is reported that the transaction is two financial websites, is by A5 orange (QQ/ WeChat: 54107213) recommended to buyers, the total value of over 10 million, monthly income in the big six figures.

current Internet financial form is excellent, and now on the financial website is also too numerous to mention, many people have been optimistic about the development of such sites, which also brings great benefits to the relevant sites.

caters to customer needs, and the A5 Trading Group has been dedicated to providing quality web sites. At present, A5 transactions have massive web resources, including stocks, downloads, tools, education, entertainment, articles, games and other popular Internet sites.

recently, the site trading hot, a series of exposure to the news of large transactions, and constantly cheer up the site trading market. Recent transactions through the A5 transaction site:

download station seven digit transaction

Webmaster Tools station seven digit turnover

entertainment station big six, clinch a deal,

logistics station six figures clinch a deal

news source station six digit transaction


so, this also is in today’s website trading market, buyers demand more site type. A5 trading website resources are rich and varied, can always meet the needs of different customers, to bring you regular, legitimate and reliable website trading services! Customers interested in website transactions can contact the website group broker QQ:54107213 for negotiation!

      for more domain name transaction information, please visit A5 transactions: http://s.www.a5.net/forum-266-1.html

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