Talk about the grassroots webmaster a sad thing

really got into touch with the Internet really early. But the real station is only a few months. I’m a code worker. Every day is to help customers change the code. Development。 In the past few months, I started a small game station. seriously. Although it’s written code. But I never thought of setting up my own website. First, because there is no experience, and two because there is no time, usually learning things are busy. Where do you have these?.

made a little game station out of his hobby and started my first time. That’s all for the first time. Never knew it was so hard to stand. Always think that a good site, put it in the space there. When you do it yourself, you want to put it there. That’s impossible. My website is like my first child. I take good care of it and want it to grow healthily. From the beginning of the site to the present, in retrospect how many times can really sleep well?.

especially every Wednesday, I get up in the middle of the night. Confused to open the book. Opening IE in a daze., please. See if I have included. If you fall, your heart will follow Baidu. Up and down. Sometimes I really want to give up, but I can’t bear it. I must have paid so much for it. I believe that all the webmaster is to own the site as a son.

(of course there is a daughter)

from the site of the birth of one second, you were doomed to have to pay the price for it, hard times began from the second, do stand difficult, more difficult to make a stand. All webmaster hope that their son (daughter) can normal, healthy growth, for them to pay a lot of effort, I also, after the site was built. I started looking for friends, friendship, perhaps because it has not done before, and it is new station. Plus 10 friends, none of them do it with me. And some friends directly in a word, "do not do", then looked at the heart very uncomfortable. Thinking about the new station, what happened?. You don’t start with new sites, either. So look down on the new station?.

wants to think, there’s no way. If you don’t want it, go ahead and find it. Slowly to find a few friends. Also with one of the net friend has become a good friend, usually free to exchange station experience. The next thing is to give your friends everywhere. Friend。 Family address. Let them play more. Baidu knows. Post Bar。 Answer some questions of net friend. Also not happy also call. Look at your website, slowly some IP come over. Heart really happy, thinking, if more included, just fine. The first thing I get up before I go to work every day is to turn on the computer and check my key words. Slowly months went by. It seems to have become a habit too. Just go to work. Smoking. A habit of trying to change and change. If I don’t see it, I’m uncomfortable walking on the road this morning.

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