On the selection of standard meters minon

the value of a domain name has many factors. How to determine whether the domain name is valuable, we can detail the following points:

first said the domain name suffix. Undisputed, COM first. Second is in dispute, if three miscellaneous meters, now more expensive than CN net minon thought, value. But ordinary except for 3 miscellaneous, CN should still rank second. The third question is more, now net is getting less and less fancy,.Com.cn value is beyond the trend of net, org is also heating up now, sometimes also depends on individual love, I like org very much, except com. Many people’s idea is this: com> cn> net> org.; well, what exactly, I have to wait for you to observe carefully.

below describes several individual summed up the domain name registration standards:

1., a good domain name should be short, the shorter the better. I believe you often see in some domain name trading platform, they recommend the home page, those most expensive, but is the shortest domain name. However, few of the two bit domains are sold at present. Short domain names are values that are meaningful, easy to enter, easy to remember, and difficult to spell. But we can’t register at this time, but what we can do is try to be short. There are 4 people who can sign up, absolutely no 5!

2. Larry

. Can be seen everywhere, the general trend. Especially the double standard. Now people have been examples of Baidu, and now fried relatively happy network, there are starting points, and so on, too many examples. Com Larry little, now some minon vision has at org. For example, I do website: www.lengcang.org is a refrigerator with SEO double meter. So grab the Larry would grab the


3. English words. Words that are familiar to most people, such as the BBS (shop)… A lot. Similar examples are many, want to do a major rice farming, or to choose one value of the domain name, you’d better have some basic English, and to open your mind.

4. digital meters. This is simple. That number looks good and the paragraph is very valuable. For example, now the hype of the more powerful 5 digital com. No way, I also bought a merchant forum www.87698.com, was originally named merchant bar, but for SEO, to give up the bar! Now 5 bit and 5 bit CN below.Com.cn meters, 5 meters of digital com if the number is not very good, or not to try to register.

5. prefix initials. This 4 letter COM is really fried. Individual is not very fond of this, standing on the point of view of the site, I would prefer to say the following sixth, miscellaneous rice. >

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