The story behind Papi sauce and the thinking of breaking up

unknowingly over the past 1 years, she is still the "beauty and talent in a woman".

yesterday, starring her "2016 Chinese net red fortissimo" ushered in a turning point: Papi sauce and the logic of thinking "broke up". Although the Luo Ji thinking provides and organized the first round of Papi sauce amount of $12 million financing, but today Papi sauce partner official said:

Luo thinking officially quit the Papi sauce this project, the amount of investment before the full refund of the original price.

at the same time, after the formation of the logic of thinking out of the vacancy, Xu Xiaoping will be the real fund to offer.

this is reminiscent of the beginning of this year the "intimate", why just 7 months later, the two suddenly reversed script staged "break off"? Zhenge fund Xu Xiaoping, the author tells the story of the logic of thinking out the details of the story Papi sauce. The following is Xu Xiaoping article:


thinking why give up Papi sauce

precisely, why did the mind of the logic give up the Papi sauce?

who bought the

thinking of giving up the Papi shares?What is the present situation and future of

Papi sauce?

want to know the story behind the fat, Xu Pang and Papi sauce, please allow me to split.

at the beginning of 2016, I went to visit the headquarters of the logic of thinking about Ronaldo, fund it real and logic thinking the idea of cooperation. Talking about the one or two time, we have a decision: two joint venture to find outstanding projects, according to the proportion of 3/7 to vote. Is it real fund professional investment institutions, of course, take 7.

quicker than words can tell. Soon we got a chance to invest in Papi sauce, a total of 10%. Although we say in the ratio of 3/7 to vote, but in view of Ronaldo in the project’s major contribution — I don’t think Ronaldo’s grand plan, Papi sauce and her CEO Yang Ming may not be seen on it real fund, not to fund other bid 1/3 give us investment – in order to express the Ronaldo thanks I, for Ronaldo said: our two 5/5


said I regret, because I really want to get a little fatter! But, no kind of meaning, he said: Xu you say as many as 5% of us no problem! I refrain from tears and pretending to be happy said: Yeah, but he began to hate Cheers.

time to sign a contract, I was slow and don’t take off to say: if you think the share too much, think big risk, it can take a little…… Do not take flowers do not understand the style to say: not much, not much, say the share will not change. Let me follow

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