Personal website photo record like LAN management

Fengyuyulai city to rush, struck before the mighty storm are so quiet, but it is still to come, such storm is coming to take pictures, but the vast majority of owners have come before the rainstorm as ants anxious and fearful but helpless, even very many webmaster said "would rather die than disgrace." Would rather close the website in hand, also do not accept the new deal photo.

personal case

in a lot of people understand that this is a radical or extreme behavior, but there is no sense that "revolutionary" as the management can not be keenly aware of, I stop because of anti vice storm, in a month was IDC in the absence of any notice stopped three times continuous service in the face of intermittent, shut down the server, in the search engine optimization in performance and cumulative users made great impact! Asked why, the answer was: "there is no way, other policies, people are so." So give your site it is out of all sorts of helpless and utterly disappointed to a management department, in the "layman management" of the hands, I believe that in the next few days may have more problems still need to test us, apparently just as this, the problem is that we cannot control. So I decided to give up the stage in the construction site. Of course, the dissatisfied voice is there.

LAN management

deeply felt personal webmaster road difficult and the future is slim, I temporarily give up personal website construction, I began to enter the company full-time engaged in website optimization class work. Indeed, after taking pictures for the record, I believe its intent is clear, from the previous peek-a-boo, push up dead, tobacco price close to the Secretary, director diary, face death event, users use the network public opinion makes these events the officials sacked, under such a stimulus some people started on tenterhooks "we do not. Do not allow the satisfactory voice!" LAN management scheme and began planning a long-term comprehensive, but in my experience, from June to the formal implementation of the pictures for the record is just a beginning, and we are not satisfied with the sound who can listen to


for more and more will force more restrictions and fetters, personal website breathing difficulties, limited growth, for personal website and personal webmaster is in the development of the Internet can not be ignored as a new force, a taste to be cut, will he. Therefore, I am eager to have a more enlightened Internet environment in China. It is a big garden that will allow a hundred flowers to bloom.

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