Some things that local SNS stations need to pay attention to in order to succeed

: the first impression of the website must have a sense of belonging,

the first site to affect the user is more important, especially the location and local nature of the site, such as local portal, local consumption of local station, SNS station, to highlight the local characteristics of things, take Chongqing, Chongqing is a beautiful mountain in Chongqing, there are a few signs of a very famous. Beauty, a night, a Hot pot is, if such a need in Chongqing with local characteristics of the local operation of a local station, you can start from these aspects, let the local people on your web site, there is a sense of belonging, a feeling of home, let the user feel your station and other national nature of the station is not the same, there is a sense of belonging. Such as the Chongqing circle (top station, you can see the night view of Chongqing at the site of the picture, the picture for the majority of people believe that no stranger, Chongqing is the commercial center of the night view of Monument for Liberation, the navigation bar is named after the place names in Chongqing, such as the original look into " the Three Gorges Square shopping mall called ", " " Monument for Liberation; so, for users, feel like the Buddha in Chongqing, the first impression of a sense of belonging and very good, so for the local station, improve the first impression station belonging and make users very important.

two: what about the sense of belonging? The content can be varied,

There are many forms of

content. You can channel regional information only on your own, but it must be done by someone. Every day you look for articles in Baidu, Google, or related websites and send them to your site. Although this information can be seen on other websites, but you have absorbed the essence of the region, all the information will win the local people’s favorite. In addition, a regional website has information columns, it is easier to win the favor of advertisers.

but to set up a little at the beginning of the site, before do the special column, please consider carefully whether it is necessary to add a column of information, because the information interaction is poor, if you have a forum for words that can display the form of post. Like the 19 floor, this is the form of regional information.

furthermore, personally, I feel that the performance of regional news can be taken in the form of mad beat pictures. One is because now has entered the picture reading times, a large paragraph of text is not stronger than the shock of the map. The pictures must be local, the major streets, schools, cinemas and enterprises can be used as shooting points, pictures accompanied by text, better than pure text. Pictures can cause the local people to agree, and even some pictures become history, people are nostalgic, see these pictures, naturally produce heartfelt good impression. There’s no doubt that your sense of belonging to your regional website has been greatly strengthened.

three: unscheduled meetings to interact online and offline


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