Turn overtaking local webmaster to build WeChat’s profit sharing of dry goods 1


has recently been concerned about the operation of the local station A5 article, found no place for a long time head of the movement, to the local station development has encountered a bottleneck, the reason is many webmaster even unable to get up after a fall, missed the best period of local site creation, has been playing to find the North mobile wave.

everyone may have noticed, and now look at the webmaster website, almost on the webmaster operation, site articles are gradually reduced, mostly talking about mobile, application, WeChat and so on. Now all embarrassed to say that he is engaged in the web site. In the mobile wave, high cost, low profit is the threshold for entry. Today, I combine my own operation WeChat more than 1 years of little experience and share with you, I hope you do not give up the webmaster dream, change thinking, in fact, can do very well.

1, how should the webmaster start, WeChat operation WeChat make money has not been any strange thing, because marketing flooding, WeChat also out a series of pressure policy. So, big and wide WeChat is not suitable for county level local webmaster to play. Before writing this article, I also searched roughly through WeChat. Many of the county-level WeChat public spaces in China are almost blank. Generally, the certification will not exceed 5, and most of them are businesses, and they are service numbers. In some places, the total number of WeChat only more than 30, many WeChat are perennial not updated, in a state of no management. Even some local do better place, web portal to WeChat do not pay attention to, or focus on PC, some opened WeChat, but no energy to respond.

therefore, we have no effect on our media subscription number micro signal. This also gives us to find a way of thinking, WeChat is like a web site, no one to do, that is, the market, we start with the strong, to do fine, do fine, make a feature. If you like me, in the county-level city, you can search under, and if there is no strong local WeChat public number, you can start.

two, if the local operation WeChat public, at first, our online WeChat Laohekou public number, also is in the quiet state, then made a Laohekou online portal, just apply for a WeChat public number, the website was shut down, nearly half the time without tube. Suddenly one day, WeChat found that there are more than 300 fans, are local, thought, do what the website? WeChat promotion didn’t do, actually gathered fans, and every day to about 5 increase, there was a looking over iron shoe, come don’t bother feeling. After a look at the study, it turned out that our micro signal search our local place names, ranked second.

later, I will put all the focus into WeChat to buy before the domain name space, not all renewals, undivided attention engaged in WeChat. Everyone in the county level knows that the information is not very well informed, and most of our young people are working outside. So I collect all kinds of local information every day, mostly policies, traffic accidents, thefts, power outages, property information, etc.. Just this >

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