Network keyword extraction and title rewriting

1, keyword extraction:

keyword extraction is very important, on the one hand, this is the daily work of the article added, on the other hand, also provides the material for the title rewrite and basis. The general principle is that you can’t find keywords directly from existing titles. You should be familiar with the article and extract keywords from the article.

1. to edit any article on the understanding, should be the first time that the user may search through what keywords to this article, this article can not solve the user requirements, if not, should do any changes, such as increasing the articles which links will help to solve the problem. It’s the only way to curry favor with users and the best way to curry favor with search engines. The concept of a "private" network news, is the topic I’m done perfectly, all the details, others will not go to another site to find the same information. For an article that solves the problem, it should be done so that it is competitive.

2. to the article keyword (TAG) extraction, for news articles have the following principles: time, place, characters, generally do not take time for keywords, except for special periods, such as the Olympic games. So you can take out two keywords, places, people. In addition, the article does not explain the time, place, characters on the OK, as well as the content of the article, the meaning of the article. In this way, we can refine two key words, which is what and why?. A total of four words, the four key words don’t have to be all together.

give an example: Carina Lau will announce the marriage of more than 5000 Beijing to buy top apartment (news articles)

keyword for Beijing (this is the location), Carina Lau (as a person) to buy an apartment (why this thing) married (why is this)


for illustrative, technical articles, there are the following principles: the object to be indicated, the function of the object to be specified,

example webmaster net (Admin5) second stage completely new master training program

keyword for webmaster training, such novice or willing to participate in training, immediately can see and point to

For example:

electric eye will learn 4 Korean smokey-eye make-up


keyword is smokey-eye make-up (illustrated object) (by magic eye description of the object function) Korean (by the description of the object function)

has the following principles for argumentative essays: subjects, objects, arguments, arguments,

: hate, I see, Edison Chan pornographic incident

keyword for hate (argument) pornographic incident (the subject of discussion), Edison Chan (related figures), A Jiao (argument),

two, title rewrite:

Title rewriting is very important. It’s part of the original. Search engines like original content.


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